Webinar: Inside the Boardroom with Henrik Hololei, European Commission Mobility & Air Transport Director General

This webinar took place November 19, 2020 and was sponsored by L3 Harris Technologies.

Henrik Hololei assumed the position of Director General, Mobility & Transport, at the European Commission in October 2015. He has been a passionate promoter and enabler of aviation liberalization, enabling one of the world’s most unrestricted air transport markets.

  • How will aviation liberalization and Open Skies be shaped by the pandemic and a worldwide market shrinkage?  
  • What does he see changing in the all-important transatlantic market?
  • How will the competitive landscape change as some European airlines see the return to government ownership?
  • What is the EC’s role in maintaining competition while also ensuring European airline survivability?
  • What does the apparent gap in Brexit trade talks mean for UK-European air travel?

Join Aviation Week Network as we discuss these questions and more.

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