Poll: When Will We See Global Flight Activity Return To 2019 Levels?

New order and delivery figures for commercial aircraft are coming in and they’re grim. How long will it take for production rates to get back to “normal,” and what will that look like in the face of the COVID-19 crisis? What are the implications for suppliers? How about future product strategies?

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COVID-19 crisis for Aviation? Certainly. A real health crisis? That is indeed more complicated. In Denmark mortality in these winter months is now statistically significantly at its lowest for the last five years. The numbers given are in general not easy to analyse. Many of those deaths are in nurseries. How many of these citizens would we have lost due to other causes within six months anyway? How many actually die FROM Corona and not WITH corona? That is basically not clear. Part of the reason Italy looks so bad is that their way of doing the statistics is different from other nations. Certainly, there are other reasons also. At the core of it all is that modern society cannot in just the medium long run survive the way it is now. Globalization incurs risks and problems in many ways. One is an increased risk of rapidly spreading new diseases. Society must learn, as has e.g., Singapore after SARS, the prepare themselves for such situations in the future. And be ready to pay the cost for that "insurance". But one thing is certain. After this the commercial aviation market will be changed, and some players will not survive. May be that is for the good?