Poll: What Is The Biggest Barrier To Advanced Air Mobility?

With well over 200 urban air mobility projects proposed or underway, there have long been discussions about the future of the industry. The onset of the COVID-19 crisis and its impact on private investment and corporate R&D has created new uncertainties, but which of the following do you believe could be the biggest barrier for advanced air mobility?

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However, there could be a glimmer of hope for UAM. Can a U.S. Air Force program called Agility Prime help the industry get through the COVID-19 interregnum and attract investment? And why was VTOL such a hot topic before COVID-19 hit? Can it regain that heat?

Agility Prime Team Leader Col. Nate Diller and Vertical Flight Society Executive Director Mike Hirschberg joined Aviation Week editors to discuss this glimmer of hopeful news in hard times. Watch the free on-demand webinar here to see the discussion: