Webinar: Aerospace Supply Chain: The New Superpower Battleground?

This webinar took place May 22, 2020

The COVID-19  cash crisis has added a new wrinkle to the race between the U.S. and China to achieve strategic superiority by harnessing discriminating technologies.

Will Beijing leverage the crisis by using “adversarial capital” to take stakes in suppliers and startups that are critical to the western defense industrial base? Can the U.S. and its allies thwart such efforts by creating a “trusted capital” ecosystem of venture capitalists, private equity and funds to invest in crucial suppliers desperate for cash?

Watch the full recording above.


  • Kirsten Bartok Touw, Managing Partner, AirFinance
  • Tom Mayor, KPMG partner and Industrial Manufacturing Strategy practice leader
  • Graham Warwick, Executive Editor, Technology, Aviation Week Network
  • Michael Bruno, Senior Business Editor, Aviation Week Network

Moderator: Joe Anselmo, Editorial Director, Aviation Week Network


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