Webinar: AEROSPACE: The Next Frontiers

This webinar took place April 24, 2020 and was sponsored by Siemens

As the world grapples with COVID-19, great minds continue work on technologies that could change life as we know it.

But will today’s economic troubles and a slowdown in venture capital investment alter the future by reshaping which innovations come out on top? 

Watch the full recording above to hear our panel of experts discuss autonomy, electric propulsion, hypersonics, digitization, machine learning and other game-changing technologies.


  • Dr. John S. Langford, president, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and founder of Electra.aero and Aurora Flight Sciences
  • Graham Warwick, Executive Editor, Technology, Aviation Week Network
  • Steve Trimble, Defense Editor, Aviation Week Network
  • Guy Norris, Senior Propulsion Editor, Aviation Week Network
  • Thierry Dubois, France Bureau Chief, Aviation Week Network

Moderator: Joe Anselmo, Editorial Director, Aviation Week Network


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