Webinar: 5G: A Threat to Aviation or the Future?

This webinar took place June 12, 2020

The U.S. has found itself in bind after bind over the issue of 5G networks. It needs faster, secure communication networks. But a recent FCC decision to allow Ligado Networks to build an L-band ground-based 5G cellular networks is under fire from industry groups, airline pilots and even the Pentagon over the potential for its signals to disrupt GPS devices.

Ligado Networks CEO Doug Smith joined Aviation Week to discuss how Ligado’s 5G network will benefit the U.S. aviation industry. And we’ll want to know how it can do so without harming the efficacy of GPS - the world’s most ubiquitous positioning, navigation and timing satellite.


  • Doug Smith, CEO, Ligado Networks
  • Dana Goward, President, Resilient Navigation and Timing Foundation
  • Bill Carey, Avionics and Safety Editor, Aviation Week Network
  • Michael Bruno, Senior Business Editor, Aviation Week Network

Moderator: Jen DiMascio, Executive Editor, Defense & Space, Aviation Week Network


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