Poll: Will High Speed Trains And The Push For Sustainability Make Regional Aviation Less Relevant?

Credit: Embraer

The regional aircraft industry is entering a new era.  Electric aircraft are beginning to make inroads on short routes and hybrid concepts are being looked at for larger regional aircraft. However, political pressures to embrace sustainability have led to calls to cease short-haul flying in some parts of Europe. Will high speed trains and the push for sustainability make regional aviation less relevant? Cast your vote below. 

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Surface transportation (train and intercity bus) are superior in many markets but there is no advocacy community or broad-based community support for them. Hence, regional air and car rental will dominate no matter how much they cost.
Need a fourth choice - "Will regional aviation grow at a rate much higher than historical norms". As "Reports Envision Regional Air Networks Enabled By Electric Aircraft" points out that electrification of aircraft opens up new opportunities and could be much cheaper (with less environmental impact) than adding new rail capacity.