Podcast: Sustainable Supersonics?

Credit: Boeing

A new era of high speed civil flight is beckoning but are commercial supersonic or even hypersonic aircraft justifiable amid rising concerns over aviation’s environmental impact? Guy Norris and Graham Warwick discuss this and other topics from AIAA’s annual SciTech forum where the global challenge of achieving sustainable aviation took center stage. 

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Guy Norris

Guy is a Senior Editor for Aviation Week, covering technology and propulsion. He is based in Colorado Springs.

Graham Warwick

Graham leads Aviation Week's coverage of technology, focusing on engineering and technology across the aerospace industry, with a special focus on identifying technologies of strategic importance to aviation, aerospace and defense.


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An obvious solution for propulsion would seem to be Reaction Engines Sabre engine. I do not know however what would be the potential effect of the water vapour emitted at high altitudes on the environment.