The challenge with aviation and cybersecurity is that passengers often think that altitude makes them safe. They're physically disconnected from the ground; that creates the perception that there's an element of security. And that's definitely not true.”

So says Nathan Andrews, APAC Regional Director for SatCom Direct, the U.S. connectivity and cybersecurity company that is on a mission to both educate companies and protect them against digital threats.

Satcom Direct (Booth H1214) has created a new suite of products and services aimed at helping business aircraft owners, operators and users to protect their digital infrastructures.

The threats are many and varied – and do not cease once the aircraft takes off. The rapid increase in the number of passengers expecting to be able to use network-enabled tablets and smartphones on board corporate jets means that companies cannot trust their own internal security awareness training alone: A device brought on board by a client, guest or spouse could introduce critical vulnerabilities into even the most security-minded enterprise.

SD now provides a complete, secure, end-to-end data transmission solution for business aviation that can even include proactive, real-time monitoring of the connection—though not data—from its network operations center. “We are looking at these risks for any aircraft that is enrolled in the threat monitoring module, which is part of our broader SD Pro software solution.”

The portfolio includes the Cyber Smart Kit – a free awareness-raising and teaching aid, to help flight departments understand the problems and implement quick and easy solutions. The hardware is delivered, under the banner of SD Cyber Security Solutions, along with a threat-monitoring service. A training element is also part of the overall package.