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Aviation Week Network’s business aviation portfolio – powered by the new ShowNews, and our leading brands – Business & Commercial Aviation, AC-U-KWIK, Air Charter Guide, Aircraft Bluebook, The Weekly of Business Aviationand Aviation Week Intelligence Network - is delivering a unique and powerful content program to connect the community with insights and intelligence around NBAA-EBACE.


Content is delivered through multiple channels, including a special webpage hosted on No matter where you’re following NBAA-BACE, you can expect a surround sound experience of informative content available in multiple formats, keeping you up to date and in the know during the show.


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Week 1 (Monday 4- Friday 8 October)

AAM Analysis Feature (AWST)


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Used Aircraft/ Marketline Outlook


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Market Outlooks


Data Charts and Forecasts




2022 Business Aviation Fleet & MRO Forecast Market Outlook

October 5, 2021 at 11:00am EDT

Moderator: Molly McMillin

Panelists: Brian Kough, Dan Williams


The business aviation market in a pandemic-influenced world has undertaken swift, dramatic moves across the industry. How has the market outlook changed? Who will be the winners and losers in the future?  Where will likely trends take us?

Join Aviation Week Intelligence Network’s (AWIN) analysts as they share their latest forecast of business aviation’s growth out of the pandemic. How has improved utilization driven the outlook for deliveries and aftermarket demand?  What are the trends to look out for to make future strategic decisions?  Listen and learn about the new expectations for deliveries, fleet composition, valuations, MRO aftermarket demand, a bit on the related helicopter market, and other changes.




Business Aviation: Transforming for Advanced Air Mobility

October 8, 2021 at 11am EDT

Moderator: Carole Hedden

Panelists: Graham Warwick, Tim Obitts


While much about the advanced air mobility world is all-new, there is much of the current aviation ecosystem that is transforming as the technologies – and opportunities – advance.

What will FBOs, heliports and even airports need to do to capture AAM business?

What will the advent of AAM travel – whether cargo or passenger transport – mean to the current market?

When and where will the AAM surge begin?

Join Aviation Week Network editors, along with Tim Obitts, President and CEO of the National Air Transportation Association, to discuss how business aviation and its infrastructure will play a critical role in the future of AAM.



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Week 2 (Monday 11- Friday 15 October)

NBAA (Live Event October 12-14, Las Vegas)


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