2019 Aviation Week Photo Contest Winners

Credit: Evan Peers


Evan Peers
San Carlos, California

The grand finale of the Wednesday evening air show at the Experimental Aircraft Association’s AirVenture 2019 in Oshkosh featured a mushroom-cloud-like fireball named “Dun-Diehl SuperNuke” by creator Dion Diehl, president of DTG Pyrotechnics. Extra Aircraft’s just-released Extra NG next-generation aerobatic aircraft sits in the foreground.


Credit: Evan Peers



Credit: Santiago Borja


Santiago Borja
Quito, Ecuador

A storm cleansed the atmosphere over Jose Joaquin de Olmedo International Airport in Guayaquil, Ecuador, providing this unusually clear view of the city merging with the lights of the Airbus A319 cockpit.


Credit: Maciej Hatta


Maciej Hatta
Cold Lake, Alberta

A Boeing 787 lined up for final approach to Runway 24R at Los Angeles International Airport ahead of an autumn full Moon. 



Credit: Art Harman


Art Harman
Fairfax, Virginia

Chasing the sunset to California, the pilot flew between two layers of clouds, giving the Sun an easel on which to create its spectacular artwork. 



Credit: Michael Seeley

SPACE First Place

Michael Seeley
Melbourne, Florida

When this United Launch Alliance Atlas 551 AEHF-5 communications satellite launched at 6:13 a.m., 35 min. before sunrise, the downrange plume caught the rising sunlight perfectly, with just a hint of crepuscular rays emanating from the horizon. This 251-sec. exposure was captured from Palm Shores, Florida, looking across the Indian River Lagoon. 



Credit: Walter Scriptunas II

SPACE Second Place

Walter Scriptunas II
Charleston, West Virginia

A United Launch Alliance Delta IV Heavy lifts off from Space Launch Complex 6 at Vandenberg AFB, California, with the NROL-71 mission for the National Reconnaissance Office.



Credit: Alexis Bechtel

SPACE Third Place

Alexis Bechtel
Chatsworth, California

Smoke and fire from a launch abort engine rocket hot-fire test lights up the Mojave Desert at sunset. Four of these Aerojet Rocketdyne engines provide the thrust for the crew-escape system that is designed to carry astronauts to safety in the event of a launch anomaly on Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner spacecraft.



Credit: Avgar Idan

DEFENSE First Place

Avgar Idan
Rehovot, Israel

The afterburner of an Israeli Air Force
Lockheed Martin F-35i Adir kicks in over the desert at sunset.



Credit: Avichai Socher

DEFENSE Second Place

Avichai Socher
Givat Shmuel, Israel

Symmetric in all aspects, this Israeli Air Force McDonnell Douglas F-15I “Thunder” is having its exhaust plates inspected by two technicians—one in each engine exhaust. Everything checks OK.



Credit: Andreas Zeitler

DEFENSE Third Place

Andreas Zeitler
Manching, Germany

Two German Luftwaffe Eurofighter Typhoons sit ready for takeoff before a night mission.



Credit: Peter Lewis

GENERAL First Place

Peter Lewis
Bruetten, Switzerland

This former Swiss Air Force Hawker Hunter, now flown by the Hunter Association St. Stephan, pulls vapor trails over the Alps. It is flown by Ueli Leutert, the last commanding officer of Fighter Sqdn. 15, whose logo was a paper airplane.



Credit: Peter Lewis

GENERAL Second Place

Peter Lewis
Bruetten, Switzerland

A Mathys Aviation C-47 is en route to St. Stephan Airfield in Switzerland, just ahead of a major storm front.



Credit: Johnson Barros

GENERAL Third Place

Johnson Barros
Brasilia, Brazil

As the stars circle the south celestial pole, creating a beautiful shape in the sky, an RV-8 from the Fox Squadron awaits dawn for its next flight.