Flight Friday: How Are Middle East And African Carriers Rebounding From The Pandemic?

By Daniel Williams Mar 30, 2023
This week we examine the recovery of passenger flights across the Middle East and Africa.
Air Transport

Flight Friday: The Fallout From The Invasion Of Ukraine

By Daniel Williams Mar 23, 2023
Russia's domestic traffic has begun to drop below the equivalent month in 2019, suggesting sanctions on aircraft and engine parts may be having an effect.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Flight Friday: How Narrowbodies Are Leading The Recovery Across The Americas

By Daniel Williams Mar 16, 2023
The first group to return to 100% of 2019 levels was the Latin America narrowbody market, which returned to pre-2019 levels in April 2022.
Air Transport

Flight Friday: What Impact Has China's Reopening Had So Far?

By Daniel Williams Mar 09, 2023
China was the last large market to remove COVID restrictions, and it is anticipated that the international travel shall continue to rebound.
Air Transport

Forecast Friday: Long Light Single Engine Helicopters Drive Market Growth

By Daniel Williams Mar 03, 2023
Helicopter In Service Fleet (ISF) is expected to grow from ~21,500 in 2023 to over 24,000 in 2032.

Flight Friday: Widebody Recovery Sluggish In Middle East

By Daniel Williams Feb 23, 2023
Middle East carriers thrive on transit passengers through the major Middle Eastern hubs, however, the COVID outbreak put a halt on international traffic.
Air Transport

Flight Friday: Turboprops Lead The Way In Latin America Recovery

By Daniel Williams Feb 16, 2023
Overall, January 2023 Latin America flights are almost at 95% of January 2019, showing positive progress to ‘pre-pandemic’ levels.
Air Transport

Flight Friday: Global Domestic Aircraft Usage Tops Pre-COVID Levels For First Time

By Daniel Williams Feb 09, 2023
Good news as the global commercial aviation market continues its rebound from the COVID-19 crisis, with domestic aircraft usage now above pre-pandemic levels.
Air Transport

Flight Friday: Is The Post-COVID Business Aviation Rebound Here To Stay?

By Daniel Williams Jan 26, 2023
We take a look at the data behind the post-COVID resurgence in business aviation and work out whether it's a trend which will continue.
Air Transport

Flight Friday: How Do Asia's Flight Hours Compare To Pre-COVID?

By Daniel Williams Jan 20, 2023
Asia Pacific has taken a little longer to open up compared to other regions of the world, and it results in a very slow and gradual climb from the end of 2021
Air Transport

Flight Friday: Utilization—Commercial Aircraft Hours

By Daniel Williams Jan 12, 2023
AWIN data shows that from June 2022, flight hours have been above 80% of their equivalent month in 2019.
Air Transport