Honeywell CTO Describes Simplified, Integrated Approach To AAM

By Ben Goldstein Mar 17, 2023
Honeywell has emerged as one of the leading suppliers in the advanced air mobility industry.
Advanced Air Mobility

AAM Spotlight: Jay Merkle, Supernal

By Ben Goldstein Mar 07, 2023
Jay Merkle was hired to be Supernal's Senior Director for Regulatory Affairs.
Advanced Air Mobility

Whisper Aero CEO Mark Moore Shares AAM Ranking List

By Ben Goldstein Feb 17, 2023
While the list shares some of the top names in common with comparable rankings from SMG Consulting and Aviation Week, there are also some notable differences.
Advanced Air Mobility

AAM Leaders Grapple With Traditional Aerospace Issues

By Graham Warwick Jan 27, 2023
Certification, production and funding are key challenges for the eVTOL industry.
Advanced Air Mobility

AAM Memo: Are Automotives And eVTOLs A Match Made In Heaven?

By Ben Goldstein Jan 20, 2023
It’s often been observed by AAM industry watchers that eVTOL production will be like aerospace manufacturing at automotive scale.
Advanced Air Mobility