NASA Outlines Budget Plan For Growth

By Mark Carreau Mar 31, 2022
Fiscal 2023 plans set another record for science as the agency places a premium on climate change research.
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NASA Seeks 2023 Funding For Ultraefficient Aircraft Demonstrator

By Graham Warwick Mar 28, 2022
Award of a contract to build a large-scale sustainable flight demonstrator aircraft is a centerpiece of NASA’s $971.5 million budget request for aeronautics research in fiscal 2023.

NASA Seeks $26B To Advance Human Exploration, Climate Science

By Mark Carreau Mar 28, 2022
NASA’s spending would continue to rise through the 2020s under the Biden administration’s $25.97 billion fiscal 2023 budget request submitted to Congress March 28.
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NASA To Extend SpaceX HLS Contract, Add 2nd Lunar Transportation Provider

By Irene Klotz Mar 23, 2022
NASA plans to extend its Human Landing System contract with SpaceX to cover a second crewed landing on the Moon and launch a parallel procurement leading to a second commercial provider for crewed transportation services to and from lunar orbit and the lunar surface.
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Omnibus Spending Bill Allots $24 Billion For NASA

By Irene Klotz Mar 09, 2022
An omnibus spending bill approved by U.S. House and Senate appropriations committees on March 9 allocates $24 billion to NASA for fiscal 2022, a $770 million increase over its 2021 budget, but $760 million short of the Biden administration’s request for the year that began Oct. 1, 2021.