Rock-Solid Reliability: Spotlight On The Nextant 400XTi

Aug 19, 2020
This is an abbreviated version of the article 'Nextant 400XTi: Lean Inventory, Strong Value'. The economic downturn of 2020 has been tough on the…

Nextant 400XTi: Lean Inventory, Strong Value

By Fred George Aug 14, 2020
The economic downturn of 2020 has been tough on the light-jet market, flooding the field with used aircraft. But you might not know that if you are looking for a Nextant 400XT/400XT
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Used Airplane Report: Nextant 400XTi

By Fred George Mar 23, 2016
The buyers’ market for light jets is stronger than at any time in decades, with upward of 200 aircraft available. Well hidden among all that…
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Nextant Eyes Super-Midsize and Large-Cabin Jets

By Kirby Harrison Nov 17, 2015
Nextant Aerospace, best known for its fast-growing Nextant 400XTi light-jet remanufacture of the Beechjet 400A or 400XP, is now “studying engineering…

Nextant Nears G90XT Certification; Next Program On Way

By Molly McMillin Jul 24, 2015
Nextant Aerospace is about 30 days away from earning certification of its remanufactured King Air C90XT turboprop, the G90XT, the company said. And it isn’t stopping there.
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PlaneSense Orders Five Nextant 400XTi Aircraft

By William Garvey Apr 01, 2015
Fractional operator, PlaneSense, placed an order with Nextant Aerospace for two Nextant 400XTi light jets with an option for three more.
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Operators Survey: Beechjet 400A/Hawker 400XP/Nextant 400XT

By Fred George Dec 10, 2014
We asked operators if they favored keeping their aircraft in original condition or whether they thought upgrading was a cost-effective alternative to prolong their useful service lives. We also took an in-depth look at the airplane and its systems to put those views into perspective.
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Nextant 400XT Certified as New Aircraft

James E. Swickard Nov 01, 2011
Nextant Aerospace announced its Nextant 400XT has won FAA certification. It bills the aircraft as the world's first completely remanufactured…
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