Contracted Adversary Air Training ‘Inadequate’ For High-End Flight
The U.S. Air Force has decided to not renew an ongoing contract with Draken International for adversary air training at Nellis AFB, Nevada, because it has determined the contractor’s jets can no longer provide the effective training it needs.
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A-29 Super Tucano. A Proven Performer

Sponsored By Embraer May 03, 2022
Since the A-29 Super Tucano took its first flight at the end of the last century, it has impressed the military with its performance, flexibility and robustness as a light attack aircraft and advanced trainer.
Light Attack and Advanced Training

Certification, Contract Challenges Drive Boeing First-Quarter Losses

By Guy Norris Apr 29, 2022
The OEM says longer certification timelines are a new fact of life as development woes and fixed-price contracts force first-quarter losses.
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Boeing Unveils First T-7A For USAF

By Brian Everstine Apr 28, 2022
Boeing on April 28 unveiled the first T-7A Red Hawk trainer for the U.S. Air Force, though the aircraft will remain at the company’s St. Louis facility for more ground and flight tests before being handed over to the service.
Light Attack and Advanced Training

Hungary Orders Dozen L-39NG Trainers

By Steve Trimble Apr 21, 2022
Aero Vodochody plans to deliver 12 L-39NG jet trainers to Hungary's defense forces in 2024 under a new contract announced on April 20. The contract…
Light Attack and Advanced Training

Serbia Negotiating With France, UK On Future Combat Aircraft

By Tony Osborne Apr 19, 2022
Serbia has confirmed it is in negotiations with both France and the UK for new combat aircraft.
Light Attack and Advanced Training

UK RCO Makes Further Investments In Aeralis, Tests Hybrid UAV

By Tony Osborne Apr 11, 2022
The UK Royal Air Force’s Rapid Capabilities Office has made additional investments in modular jet trainer development startup Aeralis.
Light Attack and Advanced Training

U.S. Navy Considers Combining T-45 Replacement With TSA Fleet

By Steve Trimble Apr 06, 2022
An order for a fleet of Tactical Surrogate Aircraft (TSA) could be combined with the U.S. Navy’s plans to replace the Boeing T-45 Goshawk with a new…
Light Attack and Advanced Training

Sierra Nevada Delivers Third A-29C To U.S. Special Operators

By Steve Trimble Mar 31, 2022
The third A-29C was delivered in March to the 6th Special Operations Command at Hurlburt Field, Florida, for the Combat Aviation Advisor mission. 
Light Attack and Advanced Training

Five Bidders Shortlisted For Piaggio Aerospace

By Tony Osborne Mar 31, 2022
Five bidders have been downselected as potential buyers for troubled Italian aerospace firm Piaggio Aerospace. 
Aircraft & Propulsion

BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce Share In $920M UK Hawk Support Contracts

By Tony Osborne Mar 30, 2022
The contract awards come as the UK retires the majority of its Hawk T1 fleet as part of cost-saving measures introduced in the government’s Integrated Review published last year. 
Light Attack and Advanced Training

Flight Instructor Killed In M346 Crash

By Tony Osborne Mar 16, 2022
Leonardo says a flight instructor was killed in the crash of a company-operated M346 jet trainer in Northern Italy.
Light Attack and Advanced Training

USAF Selects Blue Force To Develop Adversary Air Training Jet

By Steve Trimble Mar 09, 2022
The U.S. Air Force has selected a small company to develop an unmanned, fighter-like aircraft that can be used for training combat pilots. 
Light Attack and Advanced Training

UAE Acquiring Chinese L-15 Jet Trainer

By Tony Osborne Feb 23, 2022
The surprise decision follows the appearance of the jet trainer at last year’s Dubai Airshow, and would make the UAE the first Middle Eastern customer for the platform. 
Aircraft & Propulsion

Turkish Aerospace Certifies New Hurkus Variant

By Tony Osborne Feb 22, 2022
Turkish Aerospace has secured a type certificate for a new version of the company’s Hurkus turboprop trainer.
Light Attack and Advanced Training

Red 6 To Fly Augmented Reality System On T-38

By Brian Everstine Feb 16, 2022
Startup’s ATARS is also fielding international interest.
Singapore Airshow

U.S. Navy Eyes Joint Program For Tactical Surrogate Jet

By Steve Trimble Feb 03, 2022
The U.S. Navy is open to forming a joint program with the U.S. Air Force for the Tactical Surrogate Aircraft, and basing the platform on a common derivative of a future training jet to replace the Boeing/BAE Systems T-45 Goshawk.
Light Attack and Advanced Training

Qatar Adds M-346 Trainers To Growing Inventory

By Tony Osborne Jan 27, 2022
Another advanced jet trainer type has joined's Qatar's already highly varied and expanding fleet. 
Aircraft & Propulsion

The Weekly Debrief: Mirroring China Threat Drives Adversary Air Fleet Shake-up

By Steve Trimble Jan 24, 2022
China’s J-20 stealth fighter carrying PL-15 long-range air-to-air missiles poses many challenges for the U.S. Air Force, not least in providing realistic training against it.
Light Attack and Advanced Training

Top Aces Flies First Aggressor-Equipped F-16 In Arizona

By Steve Trimble Jan 20, 2022
The first of the Canadian-based company’s F-16As configured as an Advanced Aggressor Fighter (AAF) completed an initial test flight on Jan. 19.
Light Attack and Advanced Training

Boeing Looks To Reduce T-7 Delay As Pandemic Issues Recede

By Brian Everstine Dec 17, 2021
Pandemic-related parts shortages and other supply chain issues have set the U.S. Air Force’s T-7 Red Hawk schedule back about seven months, but Boeing believes it can gain back some of that time as the shortage issues recede and tests continue on built aircraft.
Light Attack and Advanced Training

A Look at Military Aircraft Competitions in 2022 and Beyond

By Matthew Jouppi Dec 09, 2021
Over the next decade, countries around the globe will need 3,787 new aircraft, opportunities worth $135 billion to aerospace companies.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Two USAF T-38s Collide, Killing One Pilot, Injuring Two

By Brian Everstine Nov 21, 2021
One pilot was killed and two others injured Nov. 19 when two U.S. Air Force T-38C Talon trainer aircraft collided with each other on the runway at Laughlin AFB, Texas.
Light Attack and Advanced Training

KAI Secures T-50 Support Package With Iraq

By Chen Chuanren Nov 09, 2021
Korea Aerospace Industries has secured a $360 million maintenance and flight support deal for the Iraqi Air Force T-50IQ lead-in trainer aircraft. 
Light Attack and Advanced Training

More Texans Added To UK Training Fleet

By Tony Osborne Nov 08, 2021
The Affinity Flying Training Services consortium has been awarded a £65 million ($88 million) contract to operate an additional four Beechcraft T-6 Texan II turboprop training aircraft for the UK’s Military Flying Training System. 
Light Attack and Advanced Training