KC-390 – Re-Defining The Tactical Aerial Refuelling Space

Sponsored By Embraer Jun 29, 2022
State-of-the-art thinking along with mature and reliable technology, the KC-390 is a tactical tanker that offers air forces across the globe, the best of both worlds.
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The Weekly Debrief: Just How Rapid Is The USAF’s E-7A Rapid Prototype?

By Brian Everstine Jun 20, 2022
The U.S. Air Force has announced it wants to rapidly build and begin flying Boeing’s E-7A Wedgetail to replace its beleaguered E-3 Sentry AWACS fleet,
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Boeing Fielding Increasing Interest Abroad In Cargo Role Of KC-46

By Brian Everstine Jun 16, 2022
Boeing has been fielding increasing interest abroad in its KC-46A tanker, although several nations are inquiring about the aircraft’s ability to carry cargo, not fuel.
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KC-46 Software Enhancement Stalls As USAF Plans New Camera System

By Brian Everstine Jun 09, 2022
An interim update Boeing designed to improve the KC-46 Pegasus’ remote-vision system has been stalled due to an ongoing software problem in the initial two aircraft to receive the installation.
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NASA Project Gathers Data On Climate-Influencing Thunderstorms

By Mark Carreau Jun 07, 2022
If the threat of severe thunderstorms materializes over Eastern New Mexico and the Texas Panhandle on June 8, the staff of a NASA project and its heavily instrumented high-altitude ER-2 jet aircraft plan to be there.
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How The KC-46 Is Flying Operationally With IOC Still Years Away

By Brian Everstine Jun 02, 2022
Despite the fact that it won’t be declared operational for at least another two years, the Boeing KC-46A has flown thousands of operational missions and offloaded tens of millions of pounds of fuel under a plan that has freed up the troubled tanker to refuel 97% of receiver aircraft.
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DARPA To Demonstrate Flying, C-17-Size Liberty Lifter Amphibian

By Steve Trimble Jun 01, 2022
Partly a wing-in-ground-effect vessel and partly a flying boat, DARPA plans full-scale flight demonstrator in 2028.
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Canada Awards $632M Contract To Extend CH-146 Fleet

By Steve Trimble May 31, 2022
The service life extension program will preserve the multi-role fleet for another decade until the government can select a replacement.
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UH-72 Fleet Nets $1.5 Billion Logistics Deal For Airbus

By Steve Trimble May 23, 2022
Airbus has received a U.S. Army contract worth potentially more than $1.5 billion to provide logistics support to the UH-72A/B Lakota fleet over the next 5 years, the company said on May 23.
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Airbus Helicopters Exploring Wider Mission Set For VSR700

By Tony Osborne May 20, 2022
Airbus Helicopters is studying cargo and armed roles for its VSR700 rotary-wing uncrewed air system (UAS), which is currently in development.
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Airbus To Begin H160M Prototype Assembly This Fall

By Tony Osborne May 19, 2022
Airbus Helicopters is to start assembly after this summer of a prototype for the military version of its H160 twin-engine medium rotorcraft being adopted by the French armed forces.
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Lockheed To Build LMXT Tanker Boom in Arkansas, If It Wins KC-Y

By Brian Everstine May 18, 2022
Lockheed Martin announced another new production site for its LMXT refueling tanker it is offering to the U.S. Air Force, as it increases its pitch for the uncertain KC-Y competition.
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USAF Outlines KC-Y Requirements Schedule, If There Is A Competition

By Brian Everstine May 16, 2022
The U.S. Air Force is moving forward on determining the requirements and acquisition strategy for its possible KC-Y “bridge tanker,” as the service’s top leader says a competition is looking less likely.
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Brazil Acquires Two A330s For MRTT Conversions

By Tony Osborne Apr 19, 2022
The Brazilian Air Force has acquired a pair of Airbus A330-200 airliners with the aim of converting them into multi-role tanker transport aircraft.
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Manned-Unmanned Teaming Eyed For F-35 Block 4

By Steve Trimble Apr 18, 2022
The first elements of a Manned-Unmanned Teaming capability could be added to the Lockheed Martin F-35 during the ongoing F-35 Block 4 modernization…
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Bell Shows Redesigned V-247 For Future Navy Fleet

By Steve Trimble Apr 06, 2022
Bell has scaled down and redesigned the unmanned V-247 tiltrotor to propose as a member of family of systems that would become the U.S. Navy’s Future…
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Sierra Nevada Unveils Rapcon-X For U.S. Army Fixed-Wing ISR

By Steve Trimble Apr 02, 2022
Sierra Nevada has unveiled a concept for a new special missions variant of the Bombardier Global 6500 business jet, which the company would modify into a contractor-owned, contractor-operated intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) jet for the U.S. Army. 
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KC-46 Cleared To Operationally Refuel F-22s, F-35As

By Brian Everstine Apr 01, 2022
The Boeing KC-46A Pegasus has been cleared to operationally refuel stealth aircraft, with the tanker now able to top up F-22s and F-35As.
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PAL, Thales Partner On MPA Mission System

By Chen Chuanren Mar 31, 2022
PAL Aerospace and Thales have signed a strategic agreement to co-develop new maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) mission systems, hoping to entice the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) for its MPA program.
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C-390 Millennium. The New Generation Airlifter, For Today’s World

Sponsored By Embraer Mar 30, 2022
Embraer’s new multi-mission military airlifter is the perfect blend of mature and proven technology with state-of-the-art thinking. An aircraft that is today taking a lead role in humanitarian missions across the globe.
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‘Bridge Tanker’ Competition For USAF Looking Less Likely

By Brian Everstine Mar 28, 2022
The possibility of a “bridge tanker” competition to cover the gap between the end of the current KC-46 program and a future U.S. Air Force refueler is looking less likely as the service continues to refine its requirements for the future fleet.
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Turkey Working To Recover A400Ms Stranded In Kyiv 

By Tony Osborne Mar 22, 2022
Turkey’s government says it is working with both the Russian and Ukrainian governments on the safekeeping and ultimate return of two of its A400M airlifters stranded in Ukraine. 
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Leonardo Aims For Broadened C-27J Airlifter’s Market Appeal

By Tony Osborne Mar 09, 2022
Leonardo hopes to broaden the customer appeal of its C-27J Spartan airlifter by offering the aircraft as a multi-role platform.
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Bloody Day In Ukraine Ends With Russian Advances, Setbacks

By Steve Trimble Feb 24, 2022
A bloody day of fighting paused shortly after nightfall in Ukraine with Russian invaders advancing across the country, although more rapidly from the south than the east and north, according to Ukrainian officials.
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Airbus Trials Remote Carrier Launch From A400M

By Tony Osborne Feb 21, 2022
Airbus has demonstrated the ability to launch an uncrewed aerial system from an A400M airlifter, a capability that could become a critical component of the European Future Combat Air System. 
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