Podcast: Explaining the F-35’s Cost and Programmatic Issues

By Jen DiMascio Apr 28, 2021
After a blistering congressional hearing, Aviation Week editors break down some of the F-35 program’s recent struggles and cost issues to develop the program and maintain and operate the fighter.
Defense and Space

Podcast: Skyborg Express

By Steve Trimble Mar 29, 2021
Skyborg could also be a cargo delivery aircraft. The program launched by Air Force Research Laboratory is mainly known for developing artificial intelligence for a new family of unmanned combat air vehicles, but the program also includes Volansi's cargo delivery system.

Podcast: Interview with Inspiration4’s Civilian Commander

By Jen DiMascio Mar 03, 2021
Listen in as Aviation Week editors talk with Jared Isaacman, the founder and CEO of Shift4Payments who has chartered a SpaceX crew Dragon orbital…

Podcast: Engine Trouble

By Jen DiMascio Feb 26, 2021
As the Pentagon is grappling with how to maintain the F135 engine powering F-35 fighters, the engine on a Boeing airliner failed on a flight in the western U.S. Aviation Week editors discuss what these incidents mean for safety and reliability as well as the future of military engines.

Podcast: Air Force One: Flying Fortress

By Steve Trimble Feb 13, 2021
The special episode of the podcast offers the full recording of an interview with Scott Bateman, the executive producer of a new documentary about the U.S. President's long-range transport fleet.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Podcast: The Evolution of the Reaper

By Jen DiMascio Feb 05, 2021
Since the MQ-9 caught on as a way for the U.S. to track insurgents during its so-called war on terrorism, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles has revolutionized warfare, but will its future hold?
Defense and Space

Podcast: Interview with U.S. Space Force Chief

By Jen DiMascio Dec 14, 2020
Gen. John Raymond, the chief of space operations, looks back at the first year of operations for the U.S. Space Force and ahead at what is to come…
Defense and Space

Podcast: Military Aircraft Opportunities in Europe

By Jen DiMascio Nov 27, 2020
In addition to a planned uptick in defense spending in the UK, nations across Europe are planning to overhaul their fighter fleets in the coming decade. 
Defense and Space

Podcast: Interview With Space Development Agency Director

By Jen DiMascio Nov 10, 2020
SDA director Derek Tournear joins Aviation Week editors on Check 6 to discuss how its system of space tracking and transport satellites will revolutionize the U.S. military and the challenges it will face along the way.
Air Dominance

Podcast: What’s Next for the U.S. Air Force’s Next Generation Air Dominance Program

By Jen DiMascio Sep 18, 2020
Aviation Week editors discuss the roots of the service’s Next Generation Air Dominance program, its use of digital engineering to speed development and some of the obstacles it may face in the future.
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Podcast: The U.S. Hypersonics Program Matures

By Jen DiMascio Aug 25, 2020
Listen in as Aviation Week editors discuss new information learned about several U.S. hypersonic weapons efforts, including the revelation that the Air Force is studying intercontinental-range hypersonics that could be nuclear-armed and confirmation of the creation of a multimission platform with a multicycle engine that could be the path toward an SR-72 intelligence-gathering vehicle.
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