U.S. Army Plans To Involve Sea Services In PRSM Development

By Lee Hudson Oct 15, 2020
The Marine Corps is interested in the Precision Strike Missile and what that technology can bring to the joint force.
AUSA 2020

GE Tests New FATE Engine To Offer Army Upgraded T408

By Steve Trimble Oct 14, 2020
GE’s Future Affordable Turbine Engine (FATE), which jointly funded by the Army, is not planned to transition into an aircraft, but component technologies could be inserted into the 7,500 shp-class T408 turboshaft engine.
AUSA 2020

SB-1 Defiant Opens Flight Envelope To 232 Knots

By Steve Trimble Oct 14, 2020
The new speed level by coaxial-compound rotor with a pusher propeller was achieved at about two-thirds prop torque and engine power.
AUSA 2020

General Atomics, Boeing Team Up For High Energy Lasers

By Steve Trimble Oct 14, 2020
The new partnership combines Boeing's expertise in beam directing with General Atomics' distributed gain laser technology.
AUSA 2020

U.S. Army Starts Work On Transformation Strategy

By Lee Hudson Oct 13, 2020
The U.S. Army is taking the next year to craft a transformation strategy that builds off a modernization plan the service issued in 2016, according…
AUSA 2020

Army Funding Advances LiquidPiston’s Jet-Fuel Rotary Engine

By Graham Warwick Oct 13, 2020
Development of compact, efficient rotary internal-combustion engines able to run on jet fuel has been boosted by U.S. Army contracts to advance the technology for unmanned-aircraft propulsion and rotorcraft auxiliary-power applications.
AUSA 2020

Hypersonic Missile Tests Demonstrate 6-in. Accuracy, U.S. Army Says

By Steve Trimble Oct 13, 2020
Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy’s remarks during a keynote speech at the Association of the U.S. Army’s virtual annual meeting appear to confirm the previously unannounced accuracy results from the Flight Experiment (FE)-2 test.
Air Dominance

A Scout For A Scout: U.S. Army Plots Future Air-Launched Effects

By Steve Trimble Oct 07, 2020
The Army’s next scout aircraft will be an air-launched effect that could enter service six years before the FARA.
AUSA 2020

HALE UAS, Business Jets Join Army Vision For Airborne ISR

By Steve Trimble Oct 06, 2020
Interservice Roles Dispute Erupts As Army Defines Vision For Long-Range Targeting
AUSA 2020

U.S. Army’s Ambitious Demo Links Weapons On Future Battlefield

By Lee Hudson Oct 05, 2020
An inside look into the U.S. Army’s radical experiment, Project Convergence, a sensor-to-shooter demonstration.
AUSA 2020