Podcast: Sustainability Essentials: Understanding Next Important Steps

By Lee Ann Shay May 13, 2022
Graham Webb, Pratt & Whitney’s Chief Sustainability Officer, tells Lee Ann Shay about what needs to be done now to reduce aviation’s carbon footprint.
Sweden Scales Up Domestic SAF Production Plans
Swedish Biofuels has announced plans to bring 400,000 metric tons (130 million gal) of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) annually to the Swedish market by building three new plants producing alcohol-to-jet (ATJ) fuel.
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More SAF Production Plans Emerge Globally

By Graham Warwick May 02, 2022
The accelerating trend in offtake agreement and production plans for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) continues, with new initiatives to establish plants in Sweden and Thailand.

Podcast: Interview Exclusive With Alaska Airlines CEO Ben Minicucci

By Karen Walker Apr 21, 2022
The leader of Alaska Airlines talks with ATW Editor-in-Chief Karen Walker about 2022 goals, customer service, sustainability and innovation.

Pratt Outlines Hydrogen Steam-Injection Engine Concept

By Guy Norris Apr 19, 2022
Pratt & Whitney steam-injection concept makes a virtue of hydrogen fuel challenges for future single-aisle engine designs.

Podcast: The New Gameplan For Sustainable Aviation

Apr 15, 2022
Like with safety in a previous generation, commercial aviation is going through another existential moment. This time it is about environmental concerns, with sustainability as the overarching goal. What lies ahead are opportunities to pick low-hanging fruit but also the need to make controversial culture changes. How does commercial aviation get here?

Podcast: Green Ambitions: Etihad CEO Tony Douglas Outlines Sustainability Efforts

By Karen Walker Apr 14, 2022
Listen in as Etihad CEO Tony Douglas sits down with Aviation Week's Karen Walker to discuss a range of topics, including how the airline is striving to become more sustainable.

Cement CO2 To Fuel German SAF Project

By Graham Warwick Apr 13, 2022
Aviation may have an emissions issue, but it pales in comparison to that facing cement producers. 

Bizav Leaders Describe SAF Benefits, Costs

By Bill Carey Apr 06, 2022
Even as biofuel suppliers and fixed-base operators (FBOs) ramp up the availability of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), aircraft operators remain uncertain about the composition of SAF and complexity of using it to claim emissions reductions, business aviation leaders say.

Major U.S. Airlines Pursue ‘Wide-Net’ Approach to Sustainability

By Ben Goldstein Apr 04, 2022
Airlines are investing in a host of new technologies, but they’re not sure which bets will ultimately pay off.

Airbus Expands 100% SAF Tests To A380

By Graham Warwick Mar 28, 2022
Airbus has flown an A380 with one of its four Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines running on 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), produced from used cooking oil and waste fats by France’s Total Energies. 

New EASA Rules Give Airlines Option To Carry Less Fuel

By Victoria Moores Mar 28, 2022
EASA has published a regulatory change which will allow airlines to reduce the amount of fuel carried for diversions and delays. 

Denmark Moves To Accelerate Renewable E-Fuels

By Graham Warwick Mar 16, 2022
Citing the need to loosen Russia’s grip on Europe’s energy supply, Denmark’s government has announced a series of measures to accelerate the production of green fuels from renewable energy, including synthetic e-kerosene for aviation.

FlyZero Unveils Final Hydrogen-Powered Airliner Concepts

By Guy Norris Mar 14, 2022
The Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) has unveiled three zero-carbon airliner concepts developed under the UK government’s FlyZero project which aims to support the accelerated introduction of hydrogen-powered aircraft.

Green Lobbying Group Calls For Curbing Business Travel

By Thierry Dubois Mar 08, 2022
Transport & Environment (T&E), a lobbying association acting at EU level, is recommending curbing business travel as an effective way to slash aviation’s CO2 emissions this decade. 

Wine Country Airport Installs Solar Canopy

By Bill Carey Feb 28, 2022
Sonoma airport that serves business aviation adds solar power.

How Singapore Is Working To Be A South East Asia SAF Hub

Chen Chuarnren Feb 28, 2022
Singapore plays the long game to become sustainable fuel hub.

FAA, Industry Pledge Unleaded Avgas By 2030

By Bill Carey Feb 23, 2022
FAA Administrator Steve Dickson on Feb. 23 unveiled an industry-government initiative to eliminate the use of unleaded aviation fuel (avgas) by piston-engined aircraft by 2030.

EU Aviation Summit Aims At ICAO-Level Agreement On Decarbonization

By Thierry Dubois Feb 04, 2022
The EU’s transport ministers have issued a declaration that they hope sets the stage for a long-term aspirational goal on aviation sustainability to be adopted at the ICAO Assembly in September.

2050 Net-Zero Emissions: What Are Countries Around The World Doing?

Jan 24, 2022
The airline industry is now aiming for a net-zero emissions target to be reached by 2050. Take a look at some of the things countries are doing to help reach that target.

CAPA Report: Airlines With Narrow Profit Margins In Financial Jeopardy As Carbon Prices Rise

Jan 24, 2022
Even while the entire airline industry is under immense financial stress, investor and corporate customer demands are intensifying for clarity around the airlines’ plans to reduce their emissions further.

Opinion: It Is Time To Move Boldly On Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Scott Thompson Jan 17, 2022
Accelerating net-zero carbon emissions is in the best interest of the aviation industry, businesses and consumers.

ZeroAvia Chooses Washington For Dash 8 Hydrogen Propulsion Work

By Graham Warwick Jan 11, 2022
Zero-emissions propulsion developer ZeroAvia has selected Paine Field as the location for a flight research center to support development of a hydrogen-electric powertrain for the De Havilland Canada Dash 8-400 regional turboprop.

Johnson Matthey Weighs In On SAF Supply

By Graham Warwick Jan 10, 2022
Targeting increased supply of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), specialty chemicals heavyweight Johnson Matthey has introduced a technology to enable the cost-efficient production of synthetic crude oil on scales from small to large.

United Airlines Backs ZeroAvia’s Hydrogen-Powered CRJ

By Graham Warwick Dec 13, 2021
The decarbonization of regional aviation continues to gather pace, with United Airlines investing in hydrogen-electric propulsion developer ZeroAvia.