Airbus X-Plane Will Test Inflight Folding Wingtips

By Graham Warwick Sep 20, 2021
As manufacturers strive to reduce the fuel burn and emissions of their next generation of commercial airliners, longer wings are near the top of the list.

Asian Carriers Set Sights On Net Zero Emissions Target

By Adrian Schofield Sep 13, 2021
The members of the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA) have jointly committed to the goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, highlighting the need for more focus on sustainable fuel infrastructure.

FAA Announces Sustainable Aviation Research Contracts

By Guy Norris Sep 10, 2021
The FAA has issued research contracts worth more than $100 million to six aerospace partner companies and teams under the third phase of its long-running Continuous Lower Energy, Emissions and Noise (CLEEN) Program.

U.S. Commits To 3B Gal./Year SAF Target For 2030

By Graham Warwick Sep 09, 2021
The aim of the actions announced is to “re-establish U.S. credibility through ambitious domestic commitments ... [and] demonstrate leadership on aviation ambition at the International Civil Aviation Organization,” the White House said.

Pratt & Whitney And Rolls-Royce Downplay CFM Open-Fan Threat

By Guy Norris Aug 31, 2021
CFM’s open-fan plan grabbed the headlines, but its dependence on gear development has the attention of Pratt and Rolls.

In A&D Industry, Who Has The Best Environmental Requirements?

By Michael Bruno Aug 31, 2021
Green is the new green in aerospace and defense, but how do companies compare when it comes to their own standards?

Opinion: How To Establish A New Climate Of Aircraft Safety

Dan Rutherford Aug 27, 2021
Aviation regulators should start planning around the danger that aircraft impose on flyers and nonflyers alike through climate change.

Embraer Plots Path To Sustainable Future

By Graham Warwick Aug 19, 2021
Sustainable aviation fuel and new, more efficient aircraft are central to Embraer’s ESG goals.

A New 'Sustainability Standard' For FBOs Is Nearing Launch

By William Garvey Aug 19, 2021
First, step on the scale. Next, business aviation FBOs are looking at ways to become more green.

Aviation Braces For Climate Change’s Effect On Operations

By Thierry Dubois Jul 29, 2021
Aviation has been accustomed to being described as a culprit for climate change, but it should also see itself as a likely casualty.

UK Government Unveils ‘Green Fuel’ Contest Finalists

By Guy Norris Jul 27, 2021
Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) projects ranging from the capture of atmospheric carbon dioxide to processing of sewage have been shortlisted for funding under a UK government contest designed to promote alternative fuel production technologies at commercial scale.

Airports See Role In Encouraging Increase In Sustainable Aviation Fuel

By Helen Massy-Beresford Jul 26, 2021
Europe is making the introduction of sustainable aviation fuels at airports a big part of its strategy to fight climate change.

Royal Air Force Lays Out Road Map For Greener, Sustainable Defense

By Tony Osborne Jul 20, 2021
Sustainable aviation fuel, synthetic training and electric aircraft form the RAF’s road map for a more ecological defense future.

Europe's New Environmental Rules Will Mean Higher Costs For Airlines

By Jens Flottau Jul 16, 2021
With a fuel tax, SAF quotas and emissions-trading changes, "Fit for 55" adds up to higher airline operating costs.

Regional Airliner Sector Embracing Hydrogen Fuel-cell Propulsion

By Graham Warwick Jul 16, 2021
Universal Hydrogen signs deals with first customers for hydrogen-electric propulsion retrofit.

Opinion: Why Teaching Sustainability Is Crucial To Aviation Education

By P. Barry Butler Jul 13, 2021
Advancing sustainability in aviation education will open new doors for graduates and accelerate innovation across the industry.

Synthetic Fuels Promise Carbon Neutrality But Face Scaling Challenges

By Graham Warwick Jul 08, 2021
Germany takes the lead in pushing Europe to embrace e-fuels produced from electric, hydrogen and CO2.

Cryogenic Electric Propulsion Eyed For Zero-Emission Commercial Flight

By Graham Warwick Jul 01, 2021
Liquid hydrogen, cryogenic cooling and electric propulsion are coming together in European and UK research programs.

European Project Promises SAF From Sewage

By Graham Warwick Jun 29, 2021
A European research project has demonstrated the potential to produce sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) from a wide range of organic wastes including sewage sludge and manure. 
Emerging Technologies

CFM Details Open-Fan Plan For Next-gen Engine

By Guy Norris Jun 25, 2021
GE/Safran demonstrator aims to make open rotor a reality for new single aisles after 40 years of research, tests and abandoned attempts.

Airbus Evaluating Cryogenic Electric Propulsion For Commercial Aircraft

By Graham Warwick Jun 24, 2021
As Airbus evaluates liquid hydrogen as a possible route to zero-emission commercial aviation by the mid-2030s, it has begun a research program to explore the potential of cryogenically cooled electric propulsion for large civil aircraft.

DLR-NASA Flight Tests Show SAFs Can Reduce Climate Impact Of Contrails

By Graham Warwick Jun 23, 2021
Joint flight experiments by DLR and NASA prove sustainability benefit of low-aromatic fuels.

Rotorcraft Industry Leans Into Sustainable Fuels

By Tony Osborne Jun 17, 2021
The helicopter industry has taken the first steps toward using sustainable aviation fuels and to do their bit to meet emissions targets.

CFM RISE Program Launch

Sponsored by CFM Jun 14, 2021
GE Aviation and Safran launch advanced technology demonstration program for sustainable engines; extend CFM partnership to 2050. PARIS, France — June…

Eurocontrol’s Anti-Contrail Tests May Lead To Effective Climate Action

By Thierry Dubois May 31, 2021
As non-CO2 effects become a major focus in aviation’s climate efforts, Eurocontrol tests contrail prevention in air traffic management.