COMAC Opens Chengdu Maintenance Base

By Chen Chuanren Nov 24, 2021
Part of the COMAC Large Aircraft Demonstration Industrial Park, the facility is built to “support the stable operation” of domestic commercial aircraft in the region, starting with the ARJ21.
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Chinese Officials Flag Challenges Faced By Domestic Regional Aircraft

By Chen Chuanren Mar 08, 2021
Senior members of the Chinese civil aviation community have highlighted a series of challenges that the development of domestically built civil aircraft must contend with, ranging from airspace policies to economies of scale.
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Indonesia’s TransNusa To Lease 30 COMAC ARJ21s

By Chen Chuanren Jan 11, 2021
China Aircraft Leasing Group (CALC) has placed a purchase order for 30 COMAC ARJ21 regional airliners destined for Indonesia’s TransNusa Air Services.
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China Eastern’s New ARJ-21 Operator Outlines Launch Network

By David Casey Jan 05, 2021
China Eastern’s new subsidiary OTT Airlines is planning to launch at least five routes during the first quarter of 2021 as it seeks to gain a foothold in China’s domestic market. 
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Chinese Province To Launch COMAC ARJ21 Freighter

By Bradley Perrett Nov 20, 2020
The Chinese province which owns cargo carrier Longhao Airlines has become the launch customer for a freighter version of the COMAC ARJ21, ordering 25 and intending to buy 25 more.
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COMAC ARJ21 Enters Seventh Airline Fleet

By Bradley Perrett Nov 17, 2020
Airlines that have taken delivery of COMAC ARJ21s have grown to seven from two in only 16 months, with China Express Airlines the latest to receive the type.
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China Express To Receive First 50 ARJ21s By 2025

By Bradley Perrett Oct 16, 2020
China Express Airlines intends to order 50 COMAC ARJ21-700 regional jets for delivery by 2025, the carrier said on Oct. 15, detailing a previously reported deal.
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Air China Puts Its First COMAC ARJ21 Into Service

By Bradley Perrett Jul 10, 2020
Air China put its first COMAC ARJ21 into operation July 10, flying the regional jet from Beijing on a thin route to Inner Mongolia.
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China’s State Carriers Get COMAC ARJ21s, Including OTT Airlines’ First

By Chen Chuanren Jun 29, 2020
COMAC has delivered the first ARJ21-700s to China’s three state-owned carriers: Air China, China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines. 
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China Express To Announce Order For 50 ARJ21s

By Bradley Perrett Jun 09, 2020
China Express Airlines on June 10 will sign a preliminary agreement to buy 50 Comac ARJ21s and take options on 50 more, industry sources said.
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COMAC Rolls Out First Air China ARJ21, Flies Bizjet Variant

By Chen Chuanren May 28, 2020
China’s state-owned aircraft manufacturer COMAC rolled out the first ARJ21-700 regional jet destined for Air China while also debuting the corporate jet variant, the COMAC Business Jet (CBJ).
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Jiangxi Air Becomes Third COMAC ARJ21 Operator

By Bradley Perrett May 15, 2020
The COMAC ARJ21 regional jet will enter service with its third operator on May 16, following the handing over of one aircraft of the type to Jiangxi Air.
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Comac-Operating China Eastern Subsidiary To Keep Bizjets

By Bradley Perrett Feb 26, 2020
A China Eastern subsidiary set up to fly Comac aircraft will serve coastal districts from the Yangzi River Delta and retain the business aviation operation on which it has been based, the parent company said.
Business Aviation

China Southern To Receive Its First COMAC ARJ21 In March

By Bradley Perrett Jan 21, 2020
China Southern Airlines expects to receive its first COMAC ARJ21 regional jet in March, the airline said, detailing initial operations.
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