BAE Wins Development Extension For Extended-Range Projectile

By Steve Trimble May 24, 2023
BAE Systems will continue developing a ramjet-powered, 155-mm artillery shell for the U.S. Army.
Missile Defense & Weapons

IBC Advanced Alloys Faces Possible Debt Default

By Michael Bruno May 18, 2023
Aerospace and defense metals specialist IBC Advanced Alloys warned on May 18 that it faced a debt payment crunch.
Supply Chain

The Weekly Debrief: Can USAF’s CTEN Solve Network-Centric Warfare?

By Steve Trimble May 15, 2023
A solution still remains beyond the grasp of most operational forces.
Budget, Policy & Operations

Leonardo Delivers Prototype Eurofighter Radar 2

By Tony Osborne Apr 21, 2023
BAE Systems will fit Radar 2 into a development aircraft ready for initial flight tests planned for next year.
Sensors & Electronic Warfare

BAE Systems Moving Forward On Collective Training Odyssey

By Tony Osborne Apr 20, 2023
BAE Systems is advancing development of a collective training system that could allow the numerous educational devices used by militaries to be fused.
Emerging Technologies

GE Moves To Performance-Based Logistics Contract For F-35 Systems

By Steve Trimble Apr 19, 2023
GE Aerospace becomes the latest F-35 supplier to be converted by Lockheed Martin to a multi-year performance based logistics deal.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Eurofighter Consortium Names Mezzanatto CEO

By Tony Osborne Apr 18, 2023
Eurofighter GmbH, the joint venture that coordinates the multinational Eurofghter Typhoon program, has a new CEO.
Aircraft & Propulsion

UK Releases More Cash For GCAP Development

By Tony Osborne Apr 13, 2023
The £656 million ($822 million) contract was awarded to BAE Systems on April 14.
Budget, Policy & Operations

BAE Systems To Define Battery For Heart’s Electric Regional

By Graham Warwick Mar 30, 2023
The 30-seat ES-30 is planned to enter service in 2028; customers include United Airlines.
Emerging Technologies

GCAP Partners Dive Deeper Into Electronics, Design Collaboration

By Chen Chuanren Mar 16, 2023
Japan’s Mitsubishi Electric, Leonardo UK and both Leonardo and Elettronica from Italy are collaborating on the Global Combat Air Program’s (GCAP) electronics.
Sensors & Electronic Warfare

ATP Nears Extinction As West Atlantic Retires Its Fleet

By Victoria Moores Mar 10, 2023
Sweden's West Atlantic Cargo Airlines has retired its last British Aerospace ATP-Fs, which were the final examples of the twin turboprop in commercial service.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Amprius Selects Colorado For Advanced Battery Gigafactory

By Graham Warwick Mar 07, 2023
Airbus-backed advanced battery developer Amprius Technologies plans to build its first gigafactory in Brighton, Colorado.
Advanced Air Mobility

Nigerian Army Orders Cayuse Warrior Scout Helicopters

By Tony Osborne Mar 07, 2023
Nigeria’s Army has ordered a dozen MD 530F Cayuse Warrior light attack/scout helicopters from U.S. manufacturer MD Helicopters.
Aircraft & Propulsion

EASA-Boeing Compromise Is A Positive Move For 777X

By Guy Norris Mar 06, 2023
A key certification agreement between Boeing and EASA lowers hurdles to 777-9 clearance and keeps a new twinjet on target for service entry in 2025.
Aircraft & Propulsion

UK, Saudi Arabia Sign Agreement On Future Combat Air Arrangement

By Tony Osborne Mar 02, 2023
Saudi Arabia and the UK have signed an agreement for closer collaboration concerning future combat aircraft.
Budget, Policy & Operations

Pentagon’s Future Battlefield Networking Concept Is Getting Real

By Steve Trimble Mar 01, 2023
A decades-old concept for a ubiquitous battlefield network concept is starting to become reality.
Sensors & Electronic Warfare

AAM Analysis: Will Lilium’s Battery Bet Pay Off?

By Graham Warwick Feb 28, 2023
That Lilium chose to invest some of its limited financial resources in its battery cell supplier Ionbox has raised a few eyebrows.
Advanced Air Mobility

BAE Systems Australia Unveils VTOL UCAS And Munitions Wing Kit

By Chen Chuanren Feb 28, 2023
BAE Systems Australia has unveiled a new uncrewed combat aircraft system, dubbed Strix, as well as a new series of munition wing kits at the Avalon Airshow.
Aircraft & Propulsion

UAE Signs Chinese Jet Trainer Deal

By Tony Osborne Feb 21, 2023
The United Arab Emirates is understood to have gone through with a controversial deal to buy Chinese advanced jet trainers. 
Light Attack and Advanced Training

BAE, Leonardo To Develop New Defensive Aid Suite For Aircraft

By Steve Trimble Feb 15, 2023
The U.S. government has approved BAE to integrate the AAR-57 Common Missile Warning System with Leonardo’s Miysis Directed Infrared Countermeasure system.
Sensors & Electronic Warfare

The Week In Technology, Feb. 13-17, 2023

By Graham Warwick Feb 13, 2023
Thermoplastic fuselage; Tailless flight control; Robotic sheet-metal forming; Hydrogen aviation ecosystem.
Emerging Technologies

Outlook For Indian Light Combat Aircraft

By Jen DiMascio Feb 10, 2023
India will receive 275 trainers and LCAs over the next decade, more than any other nation aside from the U.S.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Tailless UCAV Design Maneuvers With Active Flow Control

By Graham Warwick Feb 10, 2023
Researchers at Illinois Institute of Technology have flown a tailless uncrewed aircraft system using active flow control for maneuvering.
Advanced Air Mobility

BAE Confident Of Striker II Helmet Sales

By Angus Batey Feb 06, 2023
Historic electronic systems facility in Rochester needs funding for modernization.
Missile Defense & Weapons

RAF Training Pipeline Improving After 'External Shocks,' Chief Says

By Tony Osborne Feb 01, 2023
Throughput of the UK Royal Air Force’s pilot training pipeline is improving, the head of the service has insisted.
Budget, Policy & Operations