A Center-by-Center Look At NASA’s Budget Request

By Mark Carreau Mar 20, 2023
NASA’s JSC is in line to receive the largest share of the agency’s $27.2 billion fiscal 2024 budget request among NASA’s 10 field centers and Washington HQ.

NASA’s Lunar Flashlight, Capstone Missions Offering Lessons Learned

By Mark Carreau Feb 09, 2023
Lunar Flashlight has experienced a succession of green propellant thruster issues.

Space, Earth Go Hand In Hand, NASA Spinoff Report Says

By Mark Carreau Feb 01, 2023
A 95-page NASA 2023 Spinoff publication was released Jan. 31.

Perseverance Completes Backup Mars Sample Return Cache

By Mark Carreau Jan 30, 2023
NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover has completed the caching of 10 samples of rock cores gathered from its Jezero Crater landing site.

NASA’s Lunar Flashlight Faces Propulsion Obstacles

By Mark Carreau Jan 16, 2023
A propulsion issue has inhibited the performance of three of the spacecraft’s four thrusters, which are fueled by a groundbreaking new green monopropellant.

NASA Demonstrates Powered Flight On Mars

By Irene Klotz Apr 19, 2021
The 4-lb. Ingenuity rotorcraft, designed and built at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, was airborne in the thin atmosphere of Mars for several seconds, flight test data relayed to ground controllers showed. 

Where NASA’s Proposed Fiscal 2021 Budget Flows

By Mark Carreau Feb 11, 2020
NASA’s Washington headquarters is in line for the most, $7.75 billion, followed by the Johnson Space Center in Houston with $5.66 billion.
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