Digitalizing Aerospace Manufacturing

Sponsored By Hexagon Nov 24, 2022
How to land on a cost-effective digital manufacturing strategy.

Future Value Depends On Collaboration And Trust

Sponsored by SITA FOR AIRCRAFT Nov 22, 2022
Watch this video to learn more about how collaboration will shape the future of aviation and the upcoming market trends.
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WEBINAR: State of Innovation in Aerospace & Defense

Sponsored By KPMG Nov 15, 2022
This webinar reviews findings from the KPMG/Aviation Week Innovation Study.
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Supplier Collaboration: Industry Proven Solutions For The A&D Industry

Sponsored By Siemens Nov 11, 2022
Large aircraft manufacturers are moving to model-based processes for collaboration with their partners and suppliers. CIMdata's work with the A&D PLM Action Group highlights the challenges these companies face and their requirements for an improved solution.

WEBINAR: Intelligent Manufacturing: Accelerate Digital Transformation to Deliver A&D Programs Faster

Sponsored By Siemens Nov 08, 2022
When design or manufacturing issues are discovered late in the process, it’s because design intent is lost on the shop floor. View this webinar to learn more.
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Twice The Cabin Space, Unbeatable Economics And Unrivaled Reliability

Sponsored By Airbus Nov 08, 2022
The ACJ TwoTwenty is a cabin-first aircraft that combines unmatched personal space, intercontinental range and state-of-the-art technology. For a similar invest
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WEBINAR: Mechatronics Systems Engineering for Conceptual Design of Air Vehicle Kinematics Systems

Sponsored by Dassault Nov 03, 2022
Now Available On-demand! As mechanical systems become more complex to design, build and deliver, OEMs and suppliers need to accelerate innovation,…
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Solving Grand Challenges With Aerospace Technology

Sponsored By American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics  Nov 03, 2022
Aviation Week Network checked in with the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Executive Director Dan Dumbacher for a status report on existential threats to the planet and the strategies -both underway and in development -required to mitigate climate change and, yes- save the planet. Here are some highlights.

On Track for Emissions-Free Flight

Sponsored by MTU Aero Engines AG Nov 01, 2022
With its Claire technology agenda, MTU Aero Engines elaborates potential solutions to vastly reduce the climate impact and fuel consumption of aircraft engines.

WEBINAR: KPMG in Partnership with Aviation Week: Workforce Study

Sponsored By KPMG Oct 17, 2022
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72DL PLUS Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge – Precise High-Speed Measurements

Sponsored By Evident/Olympus Oct 17, 2022
Get fast, reliable, lab-quality measurements for turbine blade manufacturing, inspection and repair, aircraft window inspection and aerospace paint and coatings – maximizing your productivity and throughput.

Challenges And Trends In Aircraft Base Maintenance

Sponsored by HAECO Oct 17, 2022
Let us first look at engine services to work out the challenges faced in aircraft MRO. In engine MRO, the biggest cost driver is often related to…
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Keep Your Fleet In The Air With Instant Access To A Global Market

Sponsored by DASI Oct 15, 2022
Watch video to learn more about DASI Inventory Solutions
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Ask the Experts: Taking Advanced Air Mobility to the Next Level

Sponsored By IFS Oct 14, 2022
Advanced air mobility (AAM) organizations face some challenges as they advance from the design and prototype stage to production. Robert Mather, Vice President of Aerospace and Defense industries for IFS, recently shared some of his thoughts on the state of the industry and what’s next for AAM manufacturers.

Weather: How Matching Flight Plans To Real-Time Weather Can Deliver Safer And More Sustainable Air Travel

Sponsored by SITA AIRCRAFT Oct 10, 2022
Adverse and significant weather events are becoming the norm as global weather patterns change in response to climate change. Learn how SITA can plan, predict, and perfect your flight operations.
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Connecting Aviation To What Matters: A New Nationwide Network Goes Live

Sponsored By SmartSky Networks Oct 06, 2022
Aviation week interviews David Helfgott , CEO of SmartSky Networks, about the company’s transition from deployment to operations and how their new network connects aviation to what matters most. Read this white paper to learn more.

Major Air Cargo Player Adds Passenger Service

Sponsored By San Bernardino International Airport Oct 01, 2022
SBD’s recent launch of daily flights taps into a booming, yet underserved passenger market. Providing easy, low-cost access to millions in Southern California has already made it the airport of choice for cargo giants.
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The Digital Future Of Engine Maintenance

Sponsored by MTU Maintenance Oct 01, 2022
We offer a wide range of innovative, data-driven maintenance solutions in our growing digital portfolio. Take our intelligent maintenance costing and…

以战略数字化为抓手,打破开发成本上升规律 | Breaking the law of rising development costs with strategic digitalization

Sponsored By Siemens Sep 28, 2022
专家问答:《Aviation Week Network - 航空周刊》采访了西门子数字化工业集团航空航天与国防部战略总监约翰·奥康纳。(John O’Connor),了解数字化如何改变从设计到生产多个流程的业绩 | Ask The Expert: Aviation week interviews John O’Connor Director, A&D Strategy at Siemens Digital Industries Software about how digitalization is transforming business performance from design to production.
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Ask the Experts: Anti-Corruption Enforcement in Aviation

Sponsored By PwC Sep 27, 2022
The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) is a far-reaching piece of U.S. legislation highly relevant to companies doing business with foreign governments and foreign state-owned entities, and of particular interest to the aviation sector. Having an effective compliance program and effective internal controls are critical safeguards against running afoul of the FCPA.

Breaking The Law Of Rising Development Costs With Strategic Digitalization

Sponsored By Siemens Sep 27, 2022
Augustine’s “Law XVI” noted that every generation of aircraft is more expensive than the last, and for decades this “law” seemed to be true. Now the spiral of rising aircraft development costs has finally been conquered, thanks to new digital capabilities to handle the complexity that drives it.

Deliver Digital MRO with Agility, Efficiency and Growth

Sponsored By Salesforce Sep 27, 2022
Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) is an essential part of keeping an organization's operations running smoothly as it ensures facilities,…

专家问答: 掌握“数字孪生”与“数字线程”技术:航空航天与国防(A&D)领域数字化的关键所在 | Mastering Digital Twins And Digital Threads: The Keys To Digitalization In A&D

Sponsored By Siemens Sep 26, 2022
“数字孪生”和“数字线程”是一切数字化战略的关键要素;人们都在谈论它们,但很少有公司能够为我们明确介绍这些术语究竟意指何物。《航空周刊》对西门子数字工业软件公司 A&D 战略部总监约翰·奥康纳(John O’Connor)进行了采访,了解数字化相关以及国防企业如何凭借更为先进的工具获取优势等问题。…
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WEBINAR: Analysis of Electromagnetic Environmental Effects

Sponsored By Dassault Systemes Sep 26, 2022
Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) mitigation is an integral part of overall aerospace platform design. This webinar will demonstrate the CST approach..
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The C-390 Millennium – Creating A New Global Philosophy In Maintenance And Performance

Sponsored By Embraer Sep 26, 2022
The C-390 Millennium is a truly remarkable aircraft, fast gaining a reputation for its reliability and performance in delivering vital aid, completing humanitarian missions and playing a key role in joint military exercises.
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