SITA Survey Shows Worsening Bag Handling Performance In Travel Ramp-Up

By Victoria Moores Sep 26, 2022
The travel rebound has been an operational and PR disaster for airlines, with many struggling to get passengers and baggage to their destinations…

INTERVIEW: IAG CEO Luis Gallego Outlines Strategy And Priorities

By Kurt Hofmann Sep 25, 2022
Luis Gallego came to the top position at British Airways’ parent company, International Airlines Group (IAG), with a strong track record of financial…

Why The US LCC Market Could Soon Look Very Different

By Ben Goldstein Sep 23, 2022
The US LCC sector is entering an era of uncertainty and opportunity in which old players are exiting the scene and new players are taking the stage…

Podcast: Breaking Down Barriers To African Air Travel

By Victoria Moores Sep 22, 2022
Getting across Africa by air is so difficult that passengers often have to detour via Europe, but there is now a renewed push to make African air transport liberalization a reality. 
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Data Snapshot: European Travel Comes Back Strong in Summer

Sep 21, 2022
Traffic performance for the larger European airline groups and ultra-LCCs has been increasing since the low point of the 2020 second quarter. The…

Data Snapsot: European Carriers Return to Profit Despite Higher Costs

Sep 21, 2022
Financial results for the 2022 second quarter show marginally profitable results for the four largest European airline groups and ultra-LCC Ryanair…

New Partnerships Aim For Sustainability Innovation

By Linda Blachly Sep 21, 2022
Sustainability was the number one topic at the Farnborough Airshow, demonstrating that all industry stakeholders understand the imperative of working…

New Technologies Enter The Airline Ticket Distribution System

By Henry Canaday Sep 21, 2022
Imagine a day when you can’t make it to an overseas trip, and instead of paying cancellation fees to the airline, you sell your ticket directly to a…
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Collaboration is key to creating a holistic journey

By Linda Blachly Sep 20, 2022
Keeping innovation going in a complex industry requires planning, listening and partnering with many colleagues to answer questions that haven’t been asked. 
Interiors & Connectivity

INTERVIEW: European Transport Chief Hololei Talks About Green Legislation

Victoria Moores Sep 20, 2022
The European Commission (EC) in July 2021 announced a multilayered package of sustainability regulations called Fit for 55, which forms part of the…
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Most People Still Don’t Think Inflight Connectivity Is Worth The Price

By Alan Dron Sep 20, 2022
Passenger expectations of what it means to have good connectivity onboard are changing and outpacing what many airlines can provide.

Asia Is Slowly Recovering International Air Travel Levels; China Is The Big Holdout

By Henry Canaday Sep 20, 2022
For almost two years, Asian aviation during the pandemic could be summarized in a simple fashion. After early lockdown restrictions eased, Chinese…
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Podcast: The New United-Emirates Partnership

By Karen Walker Sep 16, 2022
A discussion on the groundbreaking announcement that United and Emirates are working together.
Air Transport

Podcast: The State Of The Global Air Cargo Market

By Karen Walker Sep 08, 2022
Latest numbers show solid performances across the air cargo sector, but economic headwinds are slowing down demand. Has the cargo surge peaked?
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Qatar Airways, Inmarsat Expand IFC Partnership

By Linda Blachly Sep 07, 2022
Qatar Airways has expanded its partnership with Inmarsat to provide inflight connectivity (IFC) on its Boeing 737-10 and 787-9 fleet.

DATA SNAPSHOT: A Fare Comparison Of US Carriers

Sep 06, 2022
US Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) data show the average domestic airfare decreased in the 2022 first quarter relative to the preceding…
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DATA SNAPSHOT: Back to Black for U.S. Carriers

Sep 06, 2022
Each of the four US majors posted a profit in the 2022 second quarter, a result of strong demand for air travel that has built up from the beginning…
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Podcast: Budget Airlines Battle Against Headwinds

By Karen Walker Sep 01, 2022
Low-cost carriers are huge in Europe and the UK. How are they faring as inflation, sky-high oil prices, airport disruptions and the war in Ukraine affect their costs and operations?
Air Transport

Intelsat Partnership Brings Connectivity To Indian Airspace

By Linda Blachly Aug 31, 2022
The IFC agreement between Intelsat and India's Nelco aims to provide end-to-end broadband coverage on domestic and international airliners flying to or from Indian airports, as well as aircraft flying over the country. 

Saudia To Roll Out New Inmarsat GX IFC Terminal

By Linda Blachly Aug 31, 2022
Saudia plans to launch the terminal on 35 of its Airbus A321neo and A321XLR aircraft beginning in early 2023.

Opinion: Why SAF Must Be The Net-Zero Carbon Focus

Nico Buchholz, Bjorn Fehrm and Helge Sachs Aug 29, 2022
Mobility moves people, mobility moves minds, mobility attracts, and mobility grows. The airliners flying in the skies above our heads, for everyone…
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Why Sustainable Aviation Fuel Is Finally A Winning Political Card

By Karen Walker Aug 29, 2022
Automobile driving might not be the most appropriate analogy to draw when describing how much the momentum has changed in the pursuit to grow the…

DATA SNAPSHOT: China’s Traffic Numbers Plummet

Aug 25, 2022
China’s three largest airlines suffered an unprecedented low traffic performance in the second quarter of 2022. Government-imposed travel…
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CEO Interview: New Boss At Air Serbia Eyes Growth In Asia And America

By Kurt Hofmann Aug 24, 2022
Jiri Marek was promoted to CEO at Air Serbia in January, having been with the airline since July 2019 when he led the company’s commercial and…
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EDITORIAL: ALPA Misleads On Safety, And It’s Hurting US Small Community Service

By Karen Walker Aug 23, 2022
US regional airlines are struggling to acquire or keep the number of pilots they need to maintain service to the small American communities they…
Safety, Ops & Regulation