Changing Consumer Behavior Is Driving IFEC Transformation

By Linda Blachly Jan 14, 2022
More passengers want their onboard entertainment to mirror their home experience.
Interiors & Connectivity

Is launching an airline wise with the market in turmoil?

By Alan Dron Jan 12, 2022
Multiple startups try their luck in a down market.
Airlines & Lessors

Iceland’s PLAYer sees advantages to launching In crisis

By Kurt Hofmann Jan 12, 2022
New carrier secures attractive lease rates, finds good access to qualified staff, digitalization experience.
Airlines & Lessors

Industry Commits To Stronger Sustainability Initiatives

By Linda Blachly Jan 06, 2022
November’s COP26 Climate Change Conference had a notable last-minute win for the aviation sector when the ICAO Council approved new criteria for…
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Why Seat Designers Must Factor In How People Feel

By Linda Blachly Jan 06, 2022
Cabin interiors designs shift focus to sustainability and well-being.
Interiors & Connectivity

CEO Interview: Air Arabia’s Adel Al Ali on recovery, growth

By Karen Walker Dec 21, 2021
LCC Air Arabia, based in the Emirate of Sharjah, posted a net profit of AED209 million ($57 million) for its 2021 third quarter, its fourth…
Airlines & Lessors

EDITORIAL: US Airlines Asked For Support; Now They Must Deliver

By Karen Walker Dec 20, 2021
US airlines were granted unprecedented financial support from Congress to help them survive the pandemic crisis. It worked. The $54 billion in…
Airlines & Lessors

2022 Industry Forecast: Cautious Optimism For A Continued Recovery

By Karen Walker Dec 20, 2021
Will the air transport recovery continue or stall?
Airlines & Lessors

CAPA Perspective: A Disconnected China Hinders Regional Travel Recovery

Dec 20, 2021
China played a vital role in the international travel market in Asia and beyond before the pandemic as growing numbers of Chinese travelers went…
Airports & Routes

ANALYSIS: Outgoing Leaders At US Airlines Brought Big Industry Changes

By Karen Walker Dec 14, 2021
The lineup of US major airline CEOs will look quite different from spring 2022, by which time three big industry names will have retired.
Air Transport

COMMENTARY: The Metaverse Is Taking Off. Are Airlines Ready?

Alice Ferrari Dec 13, 2021
The airline industry is rushing to modernize the online shopping experience by moving toward new retail and distribution tech capabilities.
Air Transport

COMMENTARY: Creativity And Technology Can Turn Airlines Into Leading Retailers

Kevin Schock Dec 03, 2021
In the air transport business as with all businesses, competition crimps margins—a fact the industry curses each quarter, but people appreciate when booking flights.
Air Transport

GUEST EDITORIAL: The Risk Of Protectionism Rears Its Head Again

Barry Humphreys Dec 02, 2021
We are approaching the 80th anniversary of the Chicago Convention, signed after what has been described as “the single most important conference of the era.”
Air Transport

EDITORIAL: Air travel isn’t the virus problem

By Karen Walker Nov 29, 2021
The only good news about the latest COVID-19 variant to emerge—and there really is no good news—is that it doesn’t share a name with a major airline.
Air Transport

ATW Industry Achievement Awards Recognize Accomplishments

Nov 22, 2021
The 2021 ATW Industry Achievement Awards returned in person this year, with a gala dinner on Oct. 5 in Boston, Massachusetts. The 2021 winners were:…

New Collaborations Aim To Spur SAF Development

By Linda Blachly Nov 22, 2021
Sixty companies in the World Economic Forum’s Clean Skies for Tomorrow Coalition have committed to accelerate the supply and use of sustainable…
Aircraft & Propulsion

Connectivity Specialists Create Space For Better Onboard Service

By Victoria Moores Nov 22, 2021
A big industry merger creates new opportunities in online connectivity.
Interiors & Connectivity

New Bahrain Terminal Provides Growth And Passenger Experience Upgrades

By Alan Dron Nov 22, 2021
Bahrain eyes tourism increase with new airport terminal.
Airports & Routes

EDITORIAL: Aviation’s Focus On Efficiency Misses The Big Environmental Picture

By Victoria Moores Nov 19, 2021
Commercial aviation has made huge strides in environmental efficiency, but is the industry prepared for a shift in focus to gross emissions?

Will Saudia Or New Airline Be Kingdom’s Future Flag Carrier?

By Alan Dron Nov 15, 2021
Mixed messages from Saudi Arabia have the industry wondering about Saudia’s future.
Airlines & Lessors

Embraer Explores New Turboprops and Technologies

By Victoria Moores Nov 14, 2021
Embraer is exploring four 10- to 50-seat commercial aircraft research and development (R&D) projects, with further details likely to be released…
Aircraft & Propulsion

Larger Regional Jets Gain Traction In Asia-Pacific

By Chen Chuanren Nov 14, 2021
Larger regional jets are finding their niche in Asia-Pacific and China.
Aircraft & Propulsion

KLM CEO Confident In Return Of Good Times

By Karen Walker Nov 06, 2021
Dutch flagship KLM was more ready than most for a traffic recovery.
Airlines & Lessors

Norse CEO Outlines Transatlantic LCC Ambitions

By Karen Walker Nov 06, 2021
Another Norwegian startup prepares for Europe-US service launch.
Airlines & Lessors

CEO Interview: Finnair’s Topi Manner

By Victoria Moores Oct 28, 2021
Topi Manner became Finnair CEO in January 2019. Manner was a newcomer to aviation, just as the industry hit its worst-ever crisis. Before joining…
Airlines & Lessors