GE Aviation Launches HPT Durability Upgrade Program For CF34-8 Engines

BeauTech and Sky Regional Airlines are the launch customers for GE Aviation's new CF34-8 HPT (high pressure turbine) durability upgrade program for its CF34-8 engines to improve fleet stability, time on wing and engine's cost of ownership. The HPT durability upgrade program is available to all CF34-8 operators, regardless of their maintenance, repair and overhaul provider.

"During the last 12 months, we have been focusing on driving durability into the CF34-8 engine through several enhanced design improvements," said David Kircher, general manager of Regional Engines and Services at GE Aviation. "The HPT durability upgrade program will stabilize the engine's operation and reduce unscheduled engine removals and significant events, allowing CF34-8 customers to more effectively plan their operations."

"We appreciate GE's continued support in improving the durability and cost effectiveness of the CF34-8E engine through support programs like this," said Sky Regional CEO and founder Russ Payson.

"We are pleased with GE Aviation's continued investment in the CF34-8 engine. This HPT durability upgrade program will solidify our long-term commitment to invest into this engine platform," said BeauTech president and CEO Lee Beaumont.

Under the CF34-8 HPT durability upgrade program, GE Aviation will provide customers with upgraded parts that can be incorporated into the engine during its next overhaul. These parts are listed in a series of Service Bulletins that GE issued and include components in the fan, compressor, combustor and HPT modules. These upgraded parts offered at a significant discount combined with the improved durability and time on wing will bring the total cost of ownership in line with customer expectations.

Since its service entry in 2001, the CF34-8 engine has accumulated 70 million flight hours and 52 million flight cycles. For more information on the CF34 engine, visit or click here to read the full release.