Since its establishment in 1988, Roketsan has improved its infrastructure and extended its product range. In addition to being a key indigenous supplier to the Turkish Armed Forces, Roketsan participates in NATO programs and supplies equipment to friendly export customers.

Roketsan is showing its combat-proven 2.75-in. CİRİT laser-guided missile, said to be the first of its caliber to be delivered to different Allied Armed Forces inventory under serial production contracts. It is described as “is a unique all-up round missile designed to eliminate light armored, stationary/moving opportunity targets with high precision and affordable cost.” CİRİT missiles were delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces in 2012 and UAE Armed Forces in 2014. There is also a pedestal-mounted version.

The “UMTAS” long range antitank missile system, designed to arm attack helicopters against modern main battle tanks with heavy armor penetration is also on show. UMTAS can operate in all weather and day/night conditions with both fire-and-forget and fire-and-update modes, with a maximum range of 8 km. Also being promoted is Roketsan’s laser-guided L-UMTAS variant.

Roketsan’s SOM comprises a family of stand-off missiles with guidance technologies and warheads designed to enhance the air-to-surface warfare capabilities of fighter aircraft. SOM is an autonomous, long range (250 km), low observable, high-precision, all-weather, next generation air-to-surface cruise missile intended for use against highly defended, anti-access and high value, stationary and moving land/surface targets. Under serial production, SOM is already in the inventory of the Turkish Air Force, integrated and certified on the F-4E/2020 and F-16 Block40 fighter aircrafts, while the SOM-J variant has been offered as an anti-surface cruise missile for newly developed F-35 JSF fighter aircraft.

Roketsan is also exhibiting TEBER, a new generation INS- and GPS-aided Laser Guided Kit consisting of a semi-active laser seeker (SAL) located as a body/strake kit in the front section. The tail section includes aerodynamic control surfaces, inertial guidance system combined with GPS/GNSS receiver, guidance computer, control actuation system and thermal battery.

Roketsan’s TEBER system is designed to increase the probability of hits against moving targets. It is compatible with Mk-81 and Mk-82 general purpose bombs.

Roketsan says it aims to grow by having a strong financial structure and to sustain profitability via a strong competitive position internationally gained via innovation and creativity. The company plans to continue to develop advanced products for its home market, at the same time conducting effective foreign marketing activities.

The firm emphasizes its young, growing and dynamic staff, which retains a spirit of entrepreneurship.