L3Harris To Upgrade Cutting-Edge Satellite-Denial Technology

It’s a unique technology with an extraordinary purpose – denying adversaries’ space-based communications with almost a flip of a switch.

Now the U.S. Space Force will expand and upgrade the Counter Communications System – the force’s only offensive space electronic warfare weapon – with a new agreement with L3Harris.

“Overmatch in space depends on dominating the electromagnetic spectrum,” Space and Airborne Systems President Ed Zoiss said. “Denying our enemies the ability to use space assets protects U.S. warfighter operations.”
CCS is an advanced technology that uses ground-based radio frequency units to deny adversaries access to satellite communication, which safeguards U.S. warfighters across all domains. The deployable mobile units provide a capability that is reversible, allowing operators to deny access to the satellite for as long as needed and then return it to its previous status when appropriate.

The new roughly $124 million contract, known as Meadowlands, will double the capability and upgrade units already in the field around the United States and international locations. It will enhance missions, significantly reduce size and power needs and increase automation.

“This contract is another important step in our strategy and for our customer, the Space Force, to maintain and secure the very important space domain,” Zoiss said.

The work on the new capabilities is expected to be completed in 2025.

L3Harris is at the forefront of developing and deploying electronic warfare capabilities across all domains, including tools that enable or deny the electromagnetic spectrum. CCS protects U.S. forces and deny adversaries the ability to act in the space domain.


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