Bridgestone Launches Aircraft Tire Tracking App

Credit: Bridgestone Aircraft Tires Europe

Bridgestone Aircraft Tire Europe is simplifying the tracking and health monitoring of aviation tires with its newly launched easytrack app. Designed to help airlines, MROs and wheel shops reduce costs and time, the smartphone app digitizes the process of accessing and sharing information about tire inventory, making it totally paperless.

According to Bridgestone, any tire shipped to customers with the easytrack solution will feature a QR code or traditional barcode that can be scanned to retrieve information and electronic documents, such as serial numbers, invoices and certificates, which are transferred to the customer’s system. Users are able to see the entire history of a tire and its certificate, as well as share incoming and outgoing tire batches, e-certificates and invoices with their teams. Bridgestone says the scanning process provides significant cost savings by minimizing human error and increasing efficiency.

easytrack app
Credit: Bridgestone Aircraft Tire Europe

The app also includes a reporting feature, so when tires are dismounted, users can report landing performance, tire position on the aircraft, reason for removal and any damage or health issues that were encountered. Users can attach photographic evidence and a short description, which is provided to the Bridgestone team.

Bridgestone says easytrack will enable enhanced health monitoring through a better view on tire performance and data. The app also gives companies a complete overview of their tire pool by enabling tracking of movements and deliveries and more automation of the supply chain process.

The easytrack app has an optional desktop extension that allows paperless handling of invoices and certificates, as well as the setup of shipping tasks. It will be available with various pricing options, although Bridgestone says it expects the most popular one to be pay-per-use.

According to Bridgestone, easytrack has been co-developed with a number of customers and it is in discussions with several to deploy the app. It expects its first contract to be signed soon.

It also says easytrack will soon be made available to customers worldwide by Bridgestone Aircraft Tire Europe’s sister companies.

Lindsay Bjerregaard

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