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The first half of 2020 was an economic catastrophe for the business aviation sector, for air transport in general and for most of the world economies as well. April 2020 business jet flights declined more than 75% year over year. FBO fuel sales were off as much as 95%. Deliveries of some new general aviation aircraft were cut in half, pilots were furloughed, MRO staff was cut. Manufacturers’ supply chains have been disrupted and some firms may not survive. Some facilities at general aviation airports were shuttered with no hope of reopening. The FAA is reducing operating hours at 100 control towers, mostly at smaller airports.

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Recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic indeed could be more difficult than pulling out of the 2008 Great Recession because of the depth and breadth of the economic damage throughout the economy. Business aviation “got sucker punched,” was the view of Michael Bruno, Aviation Week & Space Technology’s senior business editor, during “Business Aviation, Post-Pandemic: Will This Crisis Reshape the Industry?” part of a COVID-19 webinar series hosted by the Aviation Week Network, of which BCA is a member.

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