U.S. Army, Sikorsky Negotiating Final UH-60 Multiyear Contract

Black Hawk
Credit: DOD

The U.S. Army and Sikorsky are in negotiations on what is expected to be the final multiyear procurement contract for the UH-60 Black Hawk, with an award expected early next year.

Sikorsky President Paul Lemmo said the contract will cover aircraft to be produced from 2022-2026, but did not say the number to be built. 

Lemmo spoke Oct. 12 at the Association of the United States Army conference in Washington.

The Army expects the Black Hawk to be in service for another 30 years, so Lockheed Martin subsidiary Sikorsky is planning for a modernization program “at some point,” Lemmo said. Modernization efforts could include open systems architecture on the helicopter, allowing the Army to make upgrades, including from other companies, throughout the remainder of its life. 

Sikorksy also will look “in time” at the structure of the helicopters and equipment in the cabin to determine what should be life extended or replaced.

“But the Black Hawk is going to be around for a long time,” Lemmo said.

Sikorsky is on contract to integrate the GE Aviation T901 Improved Turbine Engine in development to power both the Black Hawk and Apache, along with the Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft. The company is on schedule with the contract, and will be ready when there is an engine to be integrated with the first UH-60M.

“It’s feasible. We know how to do it, and all the technical details are underway in terms of very specific design changes that have to be made,” Lemmo said.

Brian Everstine

Brian Everstine is the Pentagon Editor for Aviation Week, based in Washington, D.C. Before joining Aviation Week in August 2021, he covered the Pentagon for Air Force Magazine. Brian began covering defense aviation in 2011 as a reporter for Military Times.