Tecnam Opens Orderbook For P2012 STOL

Credit: Brett Schauf/ShowNews

ORLANDO, Florida—Making its debut at the static display of the NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) was Tecnam’s newest addition to the P2012 family: the P2012 STOL.

The Italian-based aircraft manufacturer announced Oct. 19 that its orderbook and slot program to secure the nine-seat, twin piston aircraft is officially open.

With the ability to take off in 902 ft. at a maximum takeoff weight of 8,113 lb., and a landing distance of 1,181 ft. at a maximum landing weight of 8,002 lb., the aircraft is designed specifically for challenging commercial airports. Tecnam intends for the aircraft to fill a market niche that it considers was left undeveloped and unsupported for decades.

Tecnam Managing Director Giovanni Pascale, regarding the neglect of the short-takeoff-and-landing (STOL) aircraft market, says operators were “left with very little options for supporting and expanding their operations. Tecnam’s response to meeting the needs of these businesses is a modern aircraft that addresses current needs with an innovative solutions ... Manufacturing the STOL of the 21st century grants accessibility to the world’s most remote and challenging commercial airports, increasing the regional connectivity while exceeding customers’ expectations.”

The features of the new P2012 STOL include a window for each of the nine seats, which are equipped with USB ports, cabin air conditioning and reading lights. There is a central aisle running through the cabin. 

The cockpit is compatible for single-pilot operations, with technology that includes the G1000 NXi avionics system and a GFC700 autopilot specifically tuned for STOL missions.

The aircraft is powered by a pair of Continental GTSIO-520-S piston engines.

Tecnam also says this aircraft can be utilized on prepared and unprepared strips of less than 1,000 ft.