Jaunt Air Mobility Agrees To Join AIRO Group

Jaunt Air Mobility’s demonstrator aircraft has logged over 300 hr. with more than 1,000 takeoffs and landings.
Credit: Jaunt Air Mobility

Jaunt Air Mobility, a specialist in electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) and hybrid-electric aircraft, has agreed to merge with the AIRO Group.

Dallas-based Jaunt Air Mobility describes itself as the “global eVTOL leader” in slowed rotor compound technology. The startup’s patented technology slows the rotor once aloft, which reduces drag and aircraft vibration. Combined with a small wing sized for cruise, this technology produces a lift-to-drag ratio roughly equal to a fixed-wing airplane while providing efficient flight with very low noise. 

Jaunt is the seventh aerospace company to join the AIRO Group, which is focused on developing the next-generation of advanced air mobility technology and services. The other six AIRO companies include AIRO Drone, Agile Defense, Aspen Avionics, Coastal Defense, Sky-Watch and VRCO. The group said it plans to pursue a public offering sometime in the near future.

"Jaunt is pleased to become part of the AIRO Group. The combined companies address many segments of the advanced aviation market and will pursue a public offering,” Jaunt CEO Martin Peryea said in a statement. “The convergence of many new technologies will change the way we move people and packages while reducing the industry's carbon footprint.”

“Together, Jaunt and the other AIRO Group companies offer a transformational, next-generation capability for the aerospace industry that addresses high growth markets in advanced air mobility, as well as leveraging technologies across markets that benefit the general, business, commercial and military aviation community,” AIRO Group CEO Joe Burns stated. “Additionally, we have the resources, experience, and inherent knowledge to help streamline regulatory compliance and certification among all segments.”

Ben Goldstein

Based in Boston, Ben covers advanced air mobility and is managing editor of Aviation Week Network’s AAM Report.