Embraer is at Farnborough promoting its Sisfron border surveillance system, which includes electronic warfare, UAVs, radars and communications to work in conjunction with the A-29 Super Tucano turboprop for close air support. Components of Sisfron, such as the M20 mobile radar for ground surveillance, and the Saber M60 for anti-aircraft defense, are being exhibited here. Although Sisfron is still in a protracted pilot phase in Brazil, the company claims to have signed some export contracts.

“The pilot phase shows we have to learn a lot,” Marcus Tollendal, president of Embraer subsidiary Savis, says. A challenge has been to look for different doctrines, depending on the threat. It depends on the environment – climate, vegetation – of the border, Tollendal says. The pilot phase covers approximately 600 km. in the southwest of the country.

In partnership with Sparks, Nevada-based Sierra Nevada Corp. Embraer has delivered 20 Super Tucanos that the U.S. ordered, and which are to be transferred to Afghanistan forces. Six Super Tucanos slated for Lebanon are in production, with the first handover being scheduled for early 2017.