2023 AC-U-KWIK Worldwide Pilot Pack
2023 AC-U-KWIK PRO Pilot Pack
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The AC-U-KWIK PRO Pilot Pack is a valuable resource with hard-to-find information for pre-flight planning in Europe, Asia, Central America, Caribbean, South America, Africa and Australia. Find detailed airport information, FBOs/Handlers, fuel providers, customs information, ground transportation, charter, and catering services.

Includes a one-year AC-U-KWIK Worldwide Digital Subscription (includes online and app access), and the current North American and International print directories.

*App available for iOS and Android!

Product Information

The PRO Pilot Pack provides information from Europe, Asia, Central America, the Caribbean, South America, Africa and Australia, and contains:

  • A one-year Worldwide Digital Subscription (online and app access)
  • The North American print directory
  • The International print directory