Subscription type


AC-U-KWIK Pro is a year-long subscription that provides access to data for more than 24,000 INTERNATIONAL AND DOMESTIC AIRPORTS, HELIPORTS, and LANDING FACILITIES. Updated regularly.

Product Information

Features include all AC-U-KWIK Registered User level data plus:

  • Digital access to all airports through the AC-U-KWIK app and website.
  • Access to the Nearby Airports (NEW) page:
    An interactive map with nearest locations pinned followed by a list sorted by closest proximity. Includes the ability to filter results by minimum runway length or view heliports only.
  • Clearances
  • Passport, Visa and Health Tool
  • International Airport Frequencies Tower, AFS/AFTN, ATIS, SITA and CTAF
  • PCN, AOE Remarks, FBO Remarks for All Airports
  • Phone/Fax for international restrictions and info
  • Additional details for all international FBOs, Handlers
  • Additional details for all international airport services -- Caterers, Maintenance, Charter and more
  • Hotel information for airports worldwide