The 11,000-12,000-lb.-thrust Safran Silvercrest turbofan is on track for spring 2018 certification, says Aymeric Plantier, product marketing director for Safran Aircraft Engines. Early development problems are fading memories, and the engine is well on its way to becoming a mature adult. The oil/fuel heat exchanger had to be modified to meet revised revised specifications, the engine case needed upgrading to hold dimensional tolerances with heat loads, and other changes were needed to optimize specific fuel consumption.

Development issues caused a two-year delay in the program, resulting in a similar setback for Falcon 5X, the launch platform for the new engine. Delays are not expected to have an impact on Textron Aviation’s Citation Hemisphere, slated for first flight in 2019.

Silvercrest features a single-piece wide-chord titanium fan and four-stage booster powered by a four-stage low-pressure turbine. The high-pressure section has a four-stage axial compressor and single centrifugal compressor powered by a single-stage high-pressure turbine with active clearance control.