United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) and Comac will present detailed plans for their widebody aircraft to the Russian and Chinese governments in September, UAC President Yuri Slyusar said at the Paris air show.

The plans will form the basis for a government-level decision to formally launch the aircraft project, which Slyusar described as getting equal input from the Russian and Chinese aerospace industries. The two companies plan to develop, get certification and deliver the first aircraft within ten years and forecast 2025 for entry-into-service.

Slyusar did not provide more specific data for the aircraft, but reiterated that the aircraft was designed as a widebody for medium-haul rather than extreme long-haul routes. “Everything we see leads us to believe that the Chinese aerospace industry is very innovative,” Slyusar said. “The former Soviet industry had the capability of doing long-range widebodies and it is still there.”

More near-term, UAC plans to roll out the first prototype of the MC-21 narrowbody by the end of this year in Irkutsk. The aircraft is scheduled to make its first flight in mid-2016 and is scheduled to be delivered to the first customer in 2018. Slyusar sees a market for around 1,000 of the aircraft in Russia alone. UAC is also exploring the market for a 60-70 seat turboprop.