Esterline CMC Electronics is presenting its new expanded portfolio of avionics and highlighting finalization in February of its acquisition of global technology giant Barco’s aerospace and defense division at this year’s Paris Air Show.

Among the new product technology is its Cockpit 4000 NextGen avionics demonstrator, along with the TacView Portable Mission Display. The configurable glass cockpit was designed for military trainer and light attack aircraft as well as intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) attack aircraft. It features CMC’s SparrowHawk digital head-up display, a large-area display with touchscreen and an open architecture mission computer.

The company has also announced here that it has been awarded a contract by IOMAX USA to supply Esterline CMC’s Cockpit 4000 avionics suite for the fleet of 24 multirole Archangel turboprop aircraft selected by the United Arab Emirates air force and air defense.

On the static display line, the IOMAX Archangel (Chalet 124) is an ISR aircraft equipped with advanced avionics and weapons systems, including an electro-optical infrared sensor.

Also being promoted is the Cockpit 9000, which won a General Authority of Civil Aviation supplemental type certificate (STC) from Saudi Arabia in February for GPS/LPV approach operations in the Lockheed Martin L-100 Hercules transport/cargo turboprop. “Our Cockpit 9000’s core avionics make it possible for our customers with existing C-130 Hercules aircraft to maintain full CMS/ATM compliance and meet civil airspace operations worldwide now and into the future,” said Esterline CMC President Greg Yeldon.

At its exhibit (Hall 5, Stand C250), Esterline CMC is also featuring a Cockpit 9000 CNS/ATM upgrade for communication, navigation and surveillance/air traffic management for the legacy C-130 Hercules and other transport aircraft. The certified Cockpit 9000 product extends a 20- to 40-year-old aircraft’s service by another 30 years, the company says.

The CMA-9000’s large navigation database capability offers flexible global operations and will allow the aircraft to make the most efficient use of airspace as it is modernized over the next 20 years. It will comply with the forecast FAA and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards for communication, navigation, surveillance, and air traffic management systems.

Esterline CMC also announced here that it has been awarded a contract by a European cargo carrier to upgrade its legacy flight management systems (FMS) on the carrier’s fleet of 21 A300-600 aircraft.

Esterline CMC will supply its latest generation CMA-9000 FMS with vertical navigation function as part of the upgrade, giving the A300-600s an upgrade path to increased datalink capability. The installation will consist of dual CMA-9000 FMSs, providing the aircraft with multi-sensory-based navigation and enhanced operational capability. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in early 2016.

Esterline CMC has also won avionics contracts on the Alenia Aermacchi C27J Spartan and Airbus Helicopters’ EC645 T2, underscoring an increasing focus on rotorcraft and military aircraft at the company.

“We have been expanding our evolution from an OEM supplier to more of a partner,” Yeldon said. “Sharing in development of specific technologies means we can tailor solutions to the customer’s requirements.”

Faced with having to operate in more complex environments with a growing number of aging fleets, militaries around the world have two choices, Yeldon said. They must either replace their equipment or upgrade as a low-cost alternative. “The trends are favoring exactly the business environment where we play,” he said.

The Barco acquisition, a $171 million cash deal, is a highlight of Esterline CMC’s presence in Paris. It is a move described by Yeldon as “underscoring Esterline’s drive to invest in value-creating technologies for our customers that will contribute to the company’s growth.”

Kristof Vierin, Esterline CMC’s new vice president of sales, points out that the Barco deal is more than complimentary. “We’ve added the European footprint we never had, in terms of market segments served as well as fresh technology.” On a global scale, he added, “it will allow us to handle smaller niche clients as well as major players and OEMs.”

As part of the process, Esterline will be consolidating the staff in Belgium under a single roof in a new facility. The move is expected to be complete by 2016. It includes much work to ensure that the total value will exceed the sum of the parts, said Patrick Champagne, whose responsibilities as a new vice president include consolidation of all display-related capabilities into a single product group. “What we’re showing here at Paris reflects the advantages of this merger,” he said.

“We are a solutions provider and always have been. Now we are bigger and better as we follow upgrade and retrofit as well as OEM positions, with a balance on the commercial and defense side,” Yeldon said.