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The TRUEngine™ program helps identify engines that contain all OEM parts and repairs and that have been maintained to OEM recommendations (GE or CFM). Here are some key facts:  

  • The industry values engines that contain OEM parts and repairs as much as 50% higher* than engines with non-OEM parts and repairs. The TRUEngine program did not cause this to happen - this difference existed before the program was created. The TRUEngine program just makes it easier for buyers and sellers to identify engines with all OEM content.
  • Engines repaired at any engine overhaul shop can qualify for the TRUEngine program - not just those serviced at GE or Safran Aircraft Engine shops.
  • Engines under all types of maintenance agreements can qualify.
  • The TRUEngine program is free - no cost to enroll your GE or CFM56 engines, and customers can opt-out at any time.
  • There are more than 18,000 GE and CFM engines currently qualified in the program.

For more information, email truengine@ge.com or visit the TRUEngine webpage.

*Based on CFM, GE and independent third-party research.

CFM is a trademark of CFM International, a 50/50 joint venture of GE and Safran Aircraft Engines.