Intelligence Services


Aviation Week Intelligence Network (AWIN)

An integrated online platform that spans across the key markets of commercial, military, space, business aviation and MRO. It provides content and exclusive data, analytics, and insight into the marketplace, including the programs and technologies shaping the industry.


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Market Briefings across all sectors

Sector Specific Market Briefings convey vital developments affecting business growth across various market sectors:

Aerospace Daily & Defense Report

Aerospace Daily & Defense Report provides in-depth examinations of top global air and space programs – even program requirements still in the competition phase.



SpeedNews tracks the commercial aircraft ecosystem of transactions each business day including supply chain contract announcements, aircraft transactions, aircraft & engine availability, and more.


Aviation Daily

Aviation Daily offers the latest in airline operations, routes, market share, insight into what airlines are buying, and developments in top commercial aircraft and engine programs.


The Weekly of Business Aviation

The Weekly of Business Aviation examines the “business” of the business, corporate and general aviation markets, incorporating essential financial and economic data.


Fleet Data Services

Fleet Discovery is the trusted resource that provides accurate, in-depth aircraft insight that simplifies managing risk, planning investment strategies, and generating revenue.

Fleet Discovery Civil

Fleet Discovery Civil contains more than 215,000 commercial and business aviation aircraft and provides complete aircraft history, including seating and utilization histories, and current technical specifications at the aircraft serial number level


MRO Prospector

This essential tactical planning tool for commercial aftermarket professionals provides vital data and insight to locate business opportunities – including contract details – and enables users to locate new business and create strategies to generate new revenue.


Fleet Discovery Military

Fleet Discovery Military is comprised of 70,000 aircraft and 110,000 engines in service from more than 300 military operators, includes all military aircraft – piloted and unpiloted, fixed wing and rotary


Fleet & MRO Forecasts

These comprehensive, 10-year forecasts, cover commercial aviation (including turboprops), military, business aviation and helicopter fleets. Each forecast provides unmatched insight and is the forecast trusted most by decision makers within the Operator, Manufacturing, Distribution or MRO Provider communities.