The Weekly MRO Poll, Jan 15 - A Focus on Flygskam

As we enter a new decade we ask, should we expect to see any major changes as 2020 starts?

For one, the aviation industry will need to focus more on sustainability. Look at the impact on and attention to sustainability that 16-year-old Greta Thunberg of Sweden has generated. People in 150 countries protested in late September 2019 to urge governments to do more to halt global warming.

Find out how much Sweden’s international air traffic was down in 2019 in the full article by Lee Ann Shay.

Speaking at the CAPA-Aviation Week Airline Operations Leaders' Summit, Peter Harbison, chairman emeritus of CAPA Centre for Aviation, pointed out that aviation accounts for 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions, according to the International Air Transport Association and the Air Transport Action Group.

Read more about what Harbison says about the industry and what more needs to be done to reduce emissions.

In December’s Viewpoint, Paul Stein, Rolls-Royce's chief technology officer, points out several actions that aviation companies can take now from carbon-offsetting schemes to improving the availability of sustainable aviation fuels.

Read the full article by Paul Stein, How Aviation Is Stepping Up Sustainability

What is your company doing? Is it trumpeting its initiatives?

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Sustainability is not just going to be the issue of 2020--it will be an important issue for years to come. While aviation companies are developing electric propulsion, creating biofuels and recycling aircraft, collectively we need to do more to decrease emissions and make a smaller footprint.

The aviation industry is more than just an economic driver--it helps connect people worldwide. But it is a target of flygskam, or flight-shaming, so the time is now to take steps to decrease emissions, which probably will make the industry more efficient as well.

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Why combating flygskam? Are the emissions caused by aviation a serious Global environmental issue or not?
Aviation is doing an excellent job of cutting emissions. If you listen to a 16 year old that doesn't know her ass from a hole in the ground and regurgitates the nonsense her tree hugging parents tell her to spew, along with the other socialist propagandists, the only thing that will change is our collective wallets will be lightened with increasingly burdensome taxes!!