Poll: How much of an impact will the UK leaving the EASA have on MRO?

As the UK negotiates its exit from the European Union (EU), the aerospace industry has been clear we need a comprehensive deal that protects our global market access, jobs, connectivity, and most of all passenger safety. 

This industry is worth £36 billion ($47 billion) a year to the UK and employs 111,000 people in highly skilled jobs in every part of the UK. Our centers of manufacturing are the basis of prosperity to communities—including in Wales where Airbus makes wings for all its aircraft models, Northern Ireland where one third of the world’s aircraft seats are made, and the Midlands base of Rolls-Royce, a world leader in civil and military aircraft engines. Aerospace manufacturing is found in every part of the country from the Isle of Wight to Scotland and generates exports on a scale that few can match. 

Read more about why continuing our participation in the EASA is the industry's top priority according to ADS Group CEO. 

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