Poll: Has your MRO business seen any negative impacts from the Covid-19 virus?

Credit: Nigel Howarth / AWST

The coronavirus has had a devastating impact on Chinese and other airlines and in the Asian region, and will continue to do so until the outbreak is controlled.

For carriers that were already in trouble, the latest shock may well finish them, with Hong Kong Airlines tipped to become a casualty. At the same time, even healthy airlines have asked lessors to defer lease payments for the next few months, a request that lessors inside and outside China appear amenable to, at least for a short while.

Discover the other avenues being explored to deal with the issues. 

Dublin-based Avolon has also reported a surge in sale-and-leaseback requests from Chinese airlines, and although no-one will want to boast of any commercial benefit from coronavirus, it is likely that the surge in supply will restore some normalcy to pricing in a market that has suffered from fierce competition in recent years.

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