A Season Of Change

Considering the burgeoning optimism for the outlook in 2021, the iAero Thrust team is confident about unique opportunities that are ahead. Building from our foundation on principles laid out by the founders in 1946, resilience and perseverance have us powered up! While many retreated to comas or plugged in IVs to survive in 2020, iAero Thrust pushed through a major transformation and now exclusively addresses the CFM56 engine family in terms of repair, trading, and asset management.

Rolling out innovation with an engineered work scope in restoring mature -3C1 engines in our "Flash Engine" pioneered program, customer satisfaction is high. Deploying a spare engine pool for access among leading and global airline customers is gaining traction. Aggressively partnering with active leasing and trading clients who seek value and preservation of maintenance health with their engine investments, signal consideration for the delicate plight of everyone's challenges.

"Best champions win because of preparation done during the offseason", quoted iAero Thrust's president, Mr. Tommy Mitchell. Our team values agility and flexibility when engaging with our clients; and we deliver. Our emphasis on quality standards are a never-ending pursuit with the iAero Thrust's Quality Management System (QMS). Dedicated to continuous improvement, incorporating frequent check points and our active adoption of ISO AS9100 quality systems; demands accountability towards excellence. These concentrated areas are integrated within our Safety Management System (SMS) and benefit customers and employees alike.


Our increased engagement with the CFM56 supply chain network has resulted in favorable terms across the distressed market cycle. This is advantageous as benchmark competitors have stock at higher values with trailing carrying cost that penalize their balance sheets until the market demand returns. We remain efficient with our inventory management, rendering a competitive advantage with our parts and material supply. We expect this benefit to remain in place providing a strong position as we grow, and in turn passing along savings to our customers.

Execution is key. Synchronizing our production on maintenance and repairs geared to specialization on the CFM56 family, ensure that our operational alignment with work scope planning, engineering, material management, and inspection procedures is tightly coordinated. Our "gate" management is disciplined and overseen with top experienced leaders and talent.

The construction of our new and state-of-the-art CFM56-3/-5/-7B Engine Test Center (ETC) is destined to be online later in 2021. The ETC is designed by Safran and contracts are in place with GE Aviation for the upcoming correlation and calibration procedures. As market demand for third party engine testing remains high in the Americas hemisphere, our ETC rounds out the iAero Thrust comprehensive MRO service capability.

Our successes and transformation to date position iAero Thrust for growth and to deliver consistent quality results for our customers. Our global commercial reach offers a point of contact for all to come and experience what it means to be Powered Up at iAero Thrust!