Jet Aircraft Services Leader In Aircraft MRO, Storage, And Recycling

After the COVID-19 crisis, the Spanish Maintenance Line Company JET AIRCRAFT SERVICES, known as JAS, has become one of the most reputable aircraft maintenance, storage and recycling providers in the industry.

JAS was created 22 years ago, and now is one of the main independent EASA 145line maintenance provider in Spain (7 stations) and Morocco (4 stations), with seasonal stations for Caribe and Latam, as requested by customers. JAS services include: 24 hours MOC and AOG team covering any kind of incidences, as well as logistic support for material supply and stores.

The main company’s motto is to provide full support and accompaniment to the customer. Whatever the circumstances or place, the storage and preventive maintenance during COVID has been the complementary support that JAS has provided to the customers with an amazing response of the airlines reaching the airport 3rd position in Spain, and 8th in Europe in terms of number of aircrafts.

The unique JAS Storage Center in Ciudad Real Airport (CQM code) offers the most appropriated weather conditions for storage and strategic convenient located 1.5 hours from Madrid’s Airport and 50´ by train with easy and fast connectivity to all European destinations.

In the last months, more than 85 aircraft owned by top airlines covering all kind of fleets (A320, B737, A330/340 / B767 /B747) and operators have been stored and maintained by JAS. Currently, in line with air transport recovery, the aircrafts are being successfully returned to operation after exhaustive checks and controls. JAS is proud to be recognized by customers for the smooth and high reliability returns to service of its aircrafts.

JAS has implemented a heavy investment program in its base of CQM through which a high number of services can be performed, included but not limited to, engine and landing gears changes, ADs and SBs implementation and interior refurbishment.

JAS is also leader and expert in aircraft recycling, reaching more than 100 aircraft torn down up to now (most of them wide body). Some of the aircraft stored in Ciudad Real will be disassembled and recycled by JAS in its facilities providing an outstanding service to customers. JAS is proud to comply with the toughest environmental standards. Being a member of prestigious AFRA Association, JAS has the strongest commitment to reinforce and implement the toughest green initiatives.

JAS recycling services include aircraft disassembly, parts storage, and logistic services for material shipping all over the world. Aircraft parts after being disassembled are completely recycled, according to the latest European standards.

JAS strategic plan for 2021-24 establishes an ambitious growth plan. The main guideline of this plan focuses in three business lines development:

  1. Increasing number of line maintenance stations with implementation in new countries and become a strong international European maintenance provider
  2. To develop a permanent Long Term Base Maintenance Center Serving Storage, aircraft transitions and C checks including Hangar and Logistic services, and
  3. The opening of an additional new state of the art aircraft Recycling Center in a location exclusively devoted to this sensitive and important activity.

In the next weeks, JAS will present more details of its future development plan, but as a basic condition, JAS never forgets that Customer Satisfaction is the first mandate of its company’s mission, and will offer its service to airlines and operators with full commitment to provide the best proposal in terms of quality, flexibility and prices.

For more information and questions, please contact: [email protected]