LATAM Mechanics Adopt AR Technology in Brazil

Credit: LATAM Airlines Brasil

LATAM Airlines Brasil has rolled out augmented reality (AR) technology for remote technical support in its maintenance operations. This month it began implementing AR ‘SmartGlass’ equipment at 20 company bases in Brazil.

According to the airline, its implementation of AR is part of its technological development strategy to make processes safer and more efficient.

“We are the first airline in Latin America to use this equipment, which guarantees greater efficiency and agility in complex aircraft maintenance and inspection activities,” says a representative for the airline.

The AR glasses allow LATAM’s mechanics to use voice commands while conducting aircraft maintenance tasks. The technology makes it possible to transmit images of the aircraft in real time via a 4G connection to remote parties, including LATAM technicians at its Operational Maintenance Center at Congonhas Airport, its Brazil Engineering team and aircraft manufacturers. According to LATAM, this functionality helps its technicians make faster, more accurate decisions while improving safety and punctuality.

The AR rollout is not the first time LATAM has pioneered new technology for maintenance. It was also the first Latin American airline to adopt Donecle’s drone technology for aircraft surface inspections. It is using the drones to enhance visual inspections during heavy checks.

Lindsay Bjerregaard

Lindsay Bjerregaard is managing editor for Aviation Week’s MRO portfolio. Her coverage focuses on MRO technology, workforce, and product and service news for, Aviation Week Marketplace and Inside MRO.