From The Archives: Modern Hangars

Hangars are "important in the economical and efficient operation of an airway or airport", wrote author William E. Arthur in this article about modern hangars in an issue of Aviation, as our magazine was titled, in February 1926. He offers advice as to a hangars' position at the air field and on its "sturdy construction".

A modern hangar, Arthur explains should be "liberally spaced" for fire hazards and "there is nothing to be gained by crowding the buildings."

He adds that they should be positioned to the side of the field, nearest to a road, "so that it will not be necessary for automobiles or persons to cross the field to reach any of the buildings." 

Hangars should be substantially built to withstand bad weather. Arthur advised: "The strength of the hangar is of extreme importance as it is generally known that there has been considerable loss of planes and equipment in the past few years through the collapse of poorly designed buildings during heavy windstorms." 

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