JB Roche Boosts Aircraft Engine Protection Lineup

JB Roche Flashplug Air
Credit: JB Roche

JB Roche has expanded its aircraft engine protection offerings with a new inflatable product to protect the engine intake. As the latest addition to its Flashplug product line, Flashplug Air is installed inside an engine’s lip skin area to create an airtight seal.

According to JB Roche, one mechanic can install Flashplug Air on-wing in under five minutes by inflating it either via a manual inflation pump supplied with the kit or via nitrogen tank using a Schrader valve adaptor that also comes with the kit. Once it has been inflated enough to begin taking the shape of the engine inlet, Flashplug Air is then maneuvered into place and topped up with air until it fits snugly. The product is compatible with CFM56-5 and -7, CF6-80, JT8D, LEAP 1A and 1B, PW2000/4000/1100G, Trent 700/1000/XWB and V2500 engines, with more coming soon.

JB Roche says Flashplug Air is safer and simpler to use compared to other engine intake protection methods such as fabric covered foam plugs or metal frame constructions. The product does not need to be held in place by pins, buckles or straps and requires no ladders or steps to install. According to JB Roche, Flashplug Air also eliminates the risk of potential damage to the engine intake that can happen when using fabric or metal covers. The product can be deflated, rolled up tightly and placed in the kit’s storage bag, so JB Roche says it cuts down on space needed for storage.

According to JB Roche, Flashplug Air also reduces the risk of corrosion due to trapped moisture—a concern that is increased when storing aircraft for extended periods of time. When used in conjunction with JB Roche’s Flashplug Lite exhaust engine blanks (previously called Flashplug), the company says it can keep an engine’s relative humidity levels under 50%. The product is available with an optional integrated Bluetooth humidity sensor to track levels through an app.

In addition to the Flashplug products, JB Roche is now offering a suite of covers for what it says are all of the most popular aircraft types. It says typical sets include wheel and brake covers for the nose landing gear, an APU plug set, a pitot and angle-of-attack sensor kit, and a flight deck windshield protector set. The products are available through JB Roche and its global sales partners Eirtech Aviation Services, HYDRO Systesm KG and Satair.

Lindsay Bjerregaard

Lindsay Bjerregaard is managing editor for Aviation Week’s MRO portfolio. Her coverage focuses on MRO technology, workforce, and product and service news for AviationWeek.com, Aviation Week Marketplace and Inside MRO.